The Criminal Kerry Supporter Who Stole a Bush Sign-Fiction!

Kerry Supporter Who Stole Bush Campaign Sign is Arrested For Multiple Crimes-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
The first-hand story of a Bush supporter in the 2004 presidential race  who caught someone stealing a Bush sign from his front yard in Vancouver, Washington.
The thief turned out to be driving without a license, using license plates from Oregon illegally, and driving drunk.

The Truth:
According to the Vancouver Police Department, they’ve gotten inquiries about this one, but it never happened.
This story is an example of a fictional tale being created by someone who didn’t think it through.
How many people would post a campaign sign in their front yard then decide to stay up late to conduct surveillance on it?
Also, the writer describes the car as being “nice” and having “power everything.”
In most late-model car, the doors would not lock while the ignition is on and the engine running.
Additionally, for the man to have been arrested for drunk driving, someone would have had to observe him committing the crime.
Being intoxicated in the vicinity of your locked car is not illegal.
That and other aspects of the story seem more like the way the writer wished they would be than the way they really were.
It was an attempt to characterize people who support a different political candidate as drunken criminals.
Last updated 10/4/04