Target Stores Won't Fund Veterans Projects-Fiction!

Target Stores Won’t Fund Veterans Projects-Fiction!
Target Stores are Owned by the French-Fiction!
Target Stores are Operated by the Muslims-Fiction!
Target Stores Won’t Allow Collections for the Marine’s Toys For Tots Campaigns-Fiction!
Target Stores Won’t Allow Reservists Called for Active Duty to Maintain Insurance-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
There are different messages urging you to avoid buying anything at Target stores because the company turned down a request for funds for a Vietnam veterans memorial wall, is owned by the French, won’t allow collections for Toys For Tots at Christmas, and won’t give reservists call for active military duty continued health insurance coverage.
The Truth:
This is quite an assault on Target stores and is becoming an example of how a rumor can mushroom and pick up momentum along the way.

It started with a man named Dick Forrey.
He is listed as being with Howard County Vietnam Veterans in the state of Indiana.  He says that he did have the experiences both with the local Target store and the Target corporate offices as is described in one of the stories and did originate an email expressing his displeasure.  It is not true, however, that Target categorically refuses to fund Veteran’s projects and even Forrey is upset with how large this eRumor has spread.

The Target company is sending a written response to people who inquire about the Forrey story that says that Target gives $2 million per week in the communities where stores are located. The Target letter says a veteran (referring to Forrey) approached a local store in March, 2002 for a $100 donation to a “moving wall” project. The response says that any donations by local stores are not in cash but in gift certificates or volunteer time. Cash is given by the corporate office and in response to official requests for grants. The letter says that the veteran who asked for the donation should have been given grant information from the store, but was not. The Target response also says that the company makes donations in three general areas: education, arts and family violence prevention. The company is happy to donate to any veterans causes that would fit within those guidelines. So while it’s true that donations would not be given to a veterans project per se, they would be given if the veterans project is within the guidelines.

Regarding Target’s ownership, the company is on record as a U.S. firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and always has been.
There is no foreign ownership in its past or present that we’ve been able to find or been presented with evidence about.   Target is a public corporation and a list of their executive officers and board of directors can be found on the investor section of the company’s website.

Regarding benefits for reservists on active duty, this has been a big issue since so many reservists were called in for service in the Middle East and the National Committee for Employer Support of the National Guard and Reserve has been a watchdog of companies and how they treat reservists.

They list target in the “Outstanding Employer” category which means it has “gone above and beyond the requirements of the law in support of their National Guard and Reserve employees.”

So how did such a completely false email come into being?
It’s easy to suspect a conspiracy or organized effort against Target but from our viewpoint this appears to have gotten started with the Dick Forrey letter and as others read it and got angry over it, they added other false charges in order to stack the deck.
In 2011 this eRumor once again gained momentum after Target began operations in Canada.   Someone added “2013” to the subject of the eRumor and in the summer of that year this oldie rose from the ashes and once again went viral on the World Wide Web.

Posted 1/24/04   Updated 11/18/13