Woman frightened by men on elevator who turn out to be superstars-Fiction!

The Woman Who Thought She was Going to Be Robbed by a Black Man (or Men) on The Elevator-Fiction!


Summary of eRumor:
A woman at a resort (sometimes a hotel, sometimes a casino) gets on an elevator with one or two big black men.  She becomes frightened, then hears one of them say, “Hit the floor.”  She reacts as though she’s about to be assaulted when the man who spoke simply asks what floor she’s going to and offers to hit the button for her floor.  She’s embarrassed.  The next day she receives some flowers (and sometimes money) along with a note from the black man saying it’s the biggest laugh he’s had in years.  He signs it and it’s the signature of an internationally famous black performer or athlete.

The Truth:

According to Urban Legend expert Dr. Jan Harold Brunvand, variations on this story have been circulating since the 1970’s and have featured the names of numerous well know black men.  Several of them have publicly denied that the incident ever happened to them.  One of the unfortunate aspects of this story is that it keys into false racial stereotypes and is often believed by people who are racially prejudiced.
6/16/03-A version of this eRumor that is circulating widely right now says the story was told on the David Letterman show and happened to a woman gambling in Atlantic City.  She was carrying a bucket full of her winnings from slot machines up to her room and thought the black men in the elevator were going to rob her.  They turned out to be Eddie Murphy and Michael Jordan.