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Pay Hike Policy Could Shut Down Burger King and Other Fast Food Franchises on Military Bases-Truth! But On Hold!
Class Action Suit Awarded $75 to Naked Juice Drinkers-Truth!
Arby’s Franchise Owner Wins Approval for Whites-Only Restaurant-Fiction! & Satire!
Instant Noodles Use Wax that Causes Cancer-Fiction!
Microwaved Water Kills Plants-Fiction!
McDonald’s Uses Worm Meat Fillers-Fiction!
Subway Removes Ham and Bacon to Appease Muslims-Truth!
Chinese Firm Purchased Smithfield Farms-Truth!
Satanic Barista at Starbucks Upsets Catholic Customer-Truth!
Onions Prevent Influenza Infection-Unproven!
Obama Gives Syrians $195,000,000 for Muslim Holiday-Truth!
KFC Using Genetically Engineered Chickens With No Feathers or Beaks-Fiction!
Gerber Recalling Banana Baby Food Owing to the Discovery of Pieces of Glass in Some Products- Fiction!
The cookie recipe that cost a bundle-Fiction!
$1.50 Cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory-Truth!
Cancer can be caused by foods in plastics and that's how Sheryl Crow got cancer-Fiction! and Unproven!
McDonald's Shakes Are Made of Plastic-Fiction!
Train in Brussels is World's Longest Chocolate Structure-Truth!
Vitamin-C and Shrimp are a poisonous combination-Fiction!
Coke vs. water-Truth! and Fiction!
In-N-Out Burger or Wendy's 60th Anniversary Special-Fiction!
Don't Eat Tilapia Because it Comes From China-Disputed!
Lack of Food Taster Prevented President From Eating With Republicans-Truth!
General Mills issues apology for a CD-ROM in cereal boxes that includes the Bible-Truth!
Cockroach eggs in taco meat-Fiction!
Water-the miracle drug-Disputed!
Starkist is Now Korean and Packaging Farmed Tuna from China-Truth! & Fiction!
Aspartame, The Ingredient of NutraSweet, is Linked to Increased Reports of Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus-Disputed!
Red Bull Energy Drinks Contain Bull Sperm-Fiction!
Aborted fetuses served as food on menus in Taiwan-Fiction!
A Warning that Pyrex Glass Cookware Can Explode- Mostly Fiction!
Young girl with serious health problems from Wal-Mart milk-Unproven!
Woman Finds A Deep-Fried Chicken Head in Her Order of Fried Chicken at McDonald's-Unproven!
FDA Warning on Chicken Jerky Treats For Dogs From China-Truth!
The restaurant steak contaminated by urine-Fiction!
The Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet-Fiction!
Letter to Coke over America the Beautiful-Unproven!
Asparagus Cures Cancer-Unproven!
Girl Scout Cookies Fund Planned Parenthood-Fiction!
Halal Meat at Costco-Unproven!
Chick-Fil-A Fed Stranded Motorists in Snowstorm-Truth!
Beaver Butts Emit Goo for Vanilla Flavoring-Truth!
Butter versus Margarine-Truth! and Fiction!
Canola oil is not a healthy choice for cooking-Disputed!
Cancer Warning about Baby Cut Carrots- Truth! and Fiction!
Capri Sun Mold Warning-Truth!
The Potential Dangers of Splenda / Sucralose - Disputed!
E.coli bacteria found in bagged salads?-Truth!
FDA Warning About Certain Jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter-Truth!
Beware of toxic pumpkins with deadly vapors-Fiction!
Outback Steakhouses serve dinner with all the trimmings to troops in Afghanistan-Truth!
14-year-old boy who had a scary experience with old pancake mix-Unproven! But Could be True!
NutraSweet is linked to increased reports of multiple sclerosis and lupus-Disputed!
Mechanically separated chicken for food-Truth!
Melamine Scare In Milk Chocolate Coins-Truth! flesh for sale as food on the Internet-Fiction!
Contaminated Lemon Slices in Restaurants-Truth!
Lemons Kill Cancer Cells Better Than Chemotherapy-Fiction!
Don't drink certain soft drink brands after July 3-Fiction!
Jones Juice may cause you to fail drug tests-Fiction!
Hershey moving to Mexico?-Truth!
The Government is banning organic Farming-Fiction!
Foods that resemble the body parts they benefit-Unproven!
The twist ties on loaves of bread tell how fresh they are-Truth!
U.S. burger chains buying foreign beef?-Truth!
Frog in a pre-packaged salad-Unproven!
Free salads from McDonald's-Fiction!
The human finger in the fast-food chili-Truth! But it was a scam!
Dr. Pepper left God out of the Pledge of Allegiance-Truth! Sort of...
Coke will give you free cans of soda for forwarding an email-Fiction!
The Many Benefits of Bananas-Unproven!
Bananas from Costa Rica infected with flesh eating bacteria-Fiction!



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