Worms or Maggots Found in Huggies Diapers Truth!
Bendy iPhone 6 Plus-Truth!
Video Warning about Head and Shoulders or Dove Shampoo-Fiction!
Instant Noodles Use Wax that Causes Cancer-Fiction!
Rip Off at the Gas Pumps-Unproven!
Boycott of Estee Lauder called by Palestinians-Truth!
Toxic tampons-Fiction!
Avoid Ultra Clorox's poisonous-Fiction!
Injuries on children caused by cleaning "erasers"-Truth! & Fiction!
Beware of lipstick with lead-Fiction!
Second Degree Chemical Burns from Huggies Diapers-Unproven!
Talking Angela iPhone App Warning- Fiction!
One Ring Call From a Foreign Country Warning-Truth!
The World's Most Expensive Coffee is From Beans Cycled Through an Indonesian  Monkey's Digestive System-Truth!
The Many Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide-Truth! Fiction! & Unproven!
Young girl with serious health problems from Wal-Mart milk-Unproven!
Tips on pumping gas from a pipeline employee-Fiction!
Home Fires Sparked By 9 Volt Batteries in Junk Drawer-Truth!
Chinese CFL Bulb Fire Warning-Fiction!
Smart Meters are Spying on Homeowners-Fiction!
Free Cell Phones and Airtime for Low Income Households -Truth!
Canadian Research proves that Vicks on the feet cures coughing?-Fiction!
UGG Boots are Made from Sheep Skins and Wool-Truth!
Pepsi decided to remove the words "Under God" from a patriotic soft drink can-Fiction!
Capri Sun Mold Warning-Truth!
Butter versus Margarine-Truth! and Fiction!
Dangerous gas in car air conditioners is causing lung cancer and Alzheimer's disease-Fiction!
Reports of cell phone fires-Truth! & Unproven!
Beware of potential pollution from certain candles-Truth!
Pets dying from Swiffer Wetjet-Fiction!
The day after Thanksgiving the busiest for shoppers?-Fiction!
Toilet paper shortage because of brush fires in California?-Fiction!
Poisonous shampoo?-Fiction
Small Radio Chips used to Track Products-Truth!
House destroyed by plug-in air fresheners-Fiction! But Other Info!
Beware of toxic pumpkins with deadly vapors-Fiction!
Gay ad from Procter & Gamble?-Truth!
Procter & Gamble supports a Gay Rights Proposal as Well as Gay Marriage-Truth! & Fiction!
Nordstrom is offering Eyes Lips Face makeup product for as low as each- Fiction! 
Water in a microwave can be dangerous-Truth!
Buy M&M' fight breast cancer-Truth!
Listerine chases away mosquitoes-Unproven!
Liz Claiborne is actually a Satanist who gives proceeds to Satanism-Fiction!
Lemon Fresh Joy detergent kills mosquitoes-Fiction!
Gel candles are exploding and causing injuries-Fiction!
French's Mustard and the French
Use Those Gift Cards Quickly-Truth! & Fiction!
Some General Motors Car Keys Can open other cars-Truth!
High mark-ups on prices of generic drugs-Truth!
Certain Dryer Softener Sheets can Clog your Lint Filter-Truth!
Foreign toothpaste at U.S. discount stores-Truth!
Coca Cola Christmas Promotion-Virus!
Breast cancer can be caused by underarm antiperspirants-Disputed!
The modern new Mercedes Benz SCL600-Fiction! & Truth!
Best Buy Restock Fee-Truth!
Lantern Battery has AA cells?-Fiction!
BlockBuster coupon for free movie rentals-Fiction!


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