Jason Kessler said his political and social views have changed, but his white nationalist views on display in August 2017 appeared to be authentic.

A list of President Trump's accomplishments in the opening months of his presidency contains claims that are true, false, misleading and disputed.

"Getting to Know the Real John McCain" by Burma Davis Posey draws from accurate accounts of John and Carol McCain's divorce, but it's also colored by personal opinion.

John McCain Accidentally Voted "No" on Obamacare Repeal-Fiction! Summary of eRumor:Senator John McCain accidentally voted against a GOP Senate bill to repeal Obamacare in July...

False claims that John McCain started the USS Forrestal fire that killed 134 sailers resurfaced on the tragedy's 50th anniversary.

Claims that "Poor" Maxine Waters lives in a $4.5 million mansion outside her home district are based on misleading facts and unproven insinuations.

Claims that President Trump addressed the nation after 339 people were severely wounded and 66 were killed are mostly fiction.

A self-described fake news website is behind false reports that President Trump removed Muslim Judge Mahal al Alalallaha-Smith after he allowed sharia law.

False claims that President Nixon pardoned John McCain after he was convicted of treason are based on earlier, false rumors.

A website that publishes "works of satirical fiction" is behind false reports that Nancy Pelosi's daughters were arrested for smuggling cocaine.