An editorial headlined "Meet Bernie Sanders, the Bum Who Wants Your Money" has gone viral.

The LA Times didn't stop carry cartoons by Dixon Diaz because he was critical of Hillary Clinton and Liberals in general.

Ted Cruz said he's Christian first and American second after Bob Dole questioned his allegiances.

Marco Rubio has been accused of plagiarizing a speech that Barack Obama gave in 2008.

Reports that Bernie Sanders pays interns $12 an hour despite campaigning for a $15 minimum wage are true, but they're also misleading.

Contrary to popular belief, Oklahoma State University didn't make a "We the People" YouTube video that has more than 11 million views.

It's been rumored that Donald Trump bashed Jesus by saying that he would save America without "a silly cross."

An open letter to a Sarah Palin written by a Marine who accused her of politicizing PTSD has gone viral.

An essay allegedly written by Charles Krauthammer that calls the Clinton Foundation "organized crime" has been making the rounds.

A column that was supposedly written by the Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan on Donald Trump is making the rounds online.