A group called Refuse Fascism has called for nationwide protests on November 4, 2017, but claims that Antifa planned to wage civil war to overthrow the government on November 4 aren't supported by facts.

A website that fabricates news stories is behind false reports that Gordon Ramsay had his staff take a knee and refused to serve Miami Dolphins players.

Nike has not dropped a Dallas Cowboys sponsorship deal over National Anthem protests in the NFL. A fake news website is behind those false reports.

The commentary "Take a Knee" about NFL protests wasn't written by Ted Nugent, but he shared it on his Facebook page in Sept. 2017.

Lenard W. Wahlert penned an open letter to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan venting his frustration about lack of congressional leadership

Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin Rips Player for Standing, Fired for National Anthem Protest-Fiction! Summary of eRumor: Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin ripped Alejandro Villanueva, a veteran...

None of the NFL's brand sponsors, including Budweiser, have pulled ads or withdrawn support over the league's handling of National Anthem player protests.

A fake news website is behind false reports that Fox has canceled all NFL broadcasts until players agree to respect the flag during the National Anthem.

False reports that Susan Rice's housekeeper was found dead after an FBI interview came from a well-known fake news website.

A political joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders' response to a question about where President Trump is hiding his tax returns has been mistaken for reality.