Vince Foster's body has not been exhumed for an autopsy, and Foster's cause of death has not been changed as a result of the autopsy.

Anthony Weiner has not been taken into protective custody, a fake news website is behind those reports.

Outdated claims about PBS salaries and NPR salaries that made the rounds after President Trump suggested cutting federal funds for public broadcasting.

1,500 pedophiles were arrested in the first few weeks of Donald Trump's presidency— but those arrests were made through annual programs that predated Trump.

Malik Obama posted a forged Kenyan birth certificate for President Obama from 2009 on Twitter in March 2017, renewing birther conspiracy theories.

Megyn Kelly was not fired by NBC before her show began because she lost her audience, contrary to reports.

House Speaker Paul Ryan didn't compare birth control to murder, as has been reported.

False rumors that the FBI issued an arrest warrant for President Obama over President Trump's wiretapping accusations started with a fake news website.

A warning about bills introduced in Congress while Americans were distracted by "Russian spy drama" contains claims that are true, false and somewhere in between.

Claims that Valerie Jarret has moved into the Obamas' D.C. mansion to lead anti-Trump resistance efforts are based on an unnamed, unverified source.