Ted Cruz didn't blame God after ending his presidential campaign despite viral reports.

Lynne Patton, a black female executive, defended Donald Trump and the Trump Family in a video titled, "The Trump Family I Know."

Rumors that Hillary Clinton blamed a 12-year-old victim in a 1975 rape case and successfully got her 41-year-old attacker cleared of the charges are a combination of truth and fiction.

Can you swipe your driver's license to get $10 in gas from leftover primary election campaign funds? No, you can't.

Does a photo from 1963 show Ted Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, Sr., and Lee Harvey Oswald handing out Fair Play Cuba leaflets?

Did Newt Gingrich write the "Understanding Donald Trump" column?

Did Heidi Cruz file for divorce twice? It doesn't appear so.

Is Ted Cruz married to his cousin?

Contrary to reports, Donald Trump didn't blame Muslims for Jesus's death.

Reports that Emory University students received counseling after "Trump 2016" slogans were written in chalk around the campus are somewhat true, but they're also misleading.