False claims that Robert Mueller advocated for one-world government and one-world religion are based on a quote from a man with a similar name.

False claims that Bernie Sanders bought an Audi R8 using campaign funds are based on a photo of a man with a passing resemblance to Sanders driving the car.

Abdul El-Sayed and George Soros are not linked — but El-Sayed earned a medical degree on fellowship offered by George Soros' brother, Paul.

False claims that Monica Lewinsky has been found dead, and that Monica Lewinsky son has been found dead, started at the same fake news website.

The meaning of President Trump's "covfefe" tweet is unknown, but the most obvious explanation that it was a simple typo that went uncorrected.

False claims about Congress passing the American with No Abilities Act stem from a satirical report that appeared in The Onion in 1998.

President Trump hasn't signed an order prohibiting impeachment, that rumor started with a website that publishes political satire.

Charlie Daniels wrote an open letter to Senate Minority Chuck Schumer, blasting Schumer for leading Democrats' resistance to President Trump's agenda.

Nancy Pelosi's son has not been arrested for 2nd degree murder, an admitted fake news website is behind those rumors.

There's no proof that President Trump is suffering from dementia or cognitive decline, and psychiatrists are barred from making such judgements from afar.