There's no proof that President Trump is suffering from dementia or cognitive decline, and psychiatrists are barred from making such judgements from afar.

A fake news websites is behind false reports that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer resigned from the Senate in disgrace.

An opinion piece titled "Dropping the Hammer on Comey" is making the rounds in forwarded emails and on social media.

A false report has fueled rumors that Bill Clinton filed for divorce from Hillary Clinton because he's appalled by her actions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn't hold stock in private prisons, but he and President Trump both have significant ties to the industry.

A fake news website is behind a series of false reports about Fox News host Tucker Carlson being killed in a suspicious car accident.

There's no proof to support rumors that ABC canceled "Last Man Standing" because of the show's, and actor Tim Allen's, conservative views.

A fake news website is behind a false report that a Clinton Foundation cargo ship was raided and illegal contraband was found.

A photo of a man who was severely beaten in Egypt in 2013 has been misidentified as an American Muslim man who was beaten for raping a 13-year-old.

A fake news website is behind false reports that Bill Clinton's love child, Danney Williams, was found dead under suspicious circumstances in May 2017.