Despite rumors to the contrary, House Speaker Paul Ryan's wife, Janna Little Ryan, has not made her husband less conservative over time by influencing him with her so-called liberal views.

A column about Donald Trump has been falsely attributed to Dr. James Dobson.

Unproven reports of vote switching or vote flipping in Texas have fueled speculation that the election is rigged.

Hillary Clinton didn't tell the Des Moines Register that she would "get the NRA shut down for good," or that she would ban hand guns, in a 2015 interview.

A hoax has gone viral that Donald Trump's name was left of voter ballots in Oregon.

Pope Benedict XVI wrote about Catholics supporting pro-choice candidates in 2004, but the church's stance isn't that Catholics cannot vote for Hillary Clinton because she's pro-choice, as has been reported.

Reports that ISIS leaders urged American Muslims to vote for Hillary Clinton are false.

A report that the small town of Clinton, Indiana, plan to change its name to avoid references to Bill and Hillary Clinton is false.

Hillary Clinton didn't reveal classified information about the four-minute nuclear window during the final presidential debate.

Hillary Clinton and George Soros have not rigged the election in 16 states using Smartmatic voting equipment tied to Soros, despite rumors to the contrary.