A quote in which Ben Carson talks about abortion causing baby ghosts doesn't appear to be real.

No evidence has been provided that there's any truth to the Pizzagate pedophilia ring conspiracy theory.

The Obamas didn't hang Hillary Clinton's portrait in the White House — Hillary Clinton's portrait was hanged in the White House in 2004.

President-elect Donald Trump won 3,084 of 3,141 counties — but claims about him winning the popular vote in America's heartland are misleading.

Congress could declare President Trump unfit for office under the 25th Amendment, effectively ending his presidency.

False claims that thousands of Donald Trump votes have been stricken in Wisconsin, and that precincts had more votes than voters, were based on unofficial results.

"The Buffet Rule" to fix Congress came from an interview Warren Buffet gave in 2011, but Buffet wasn't making serious policy proposal at the time.

Monica Petersen, a woman doing field work on human trafficking in Haiti, died on Nov. 13 — but rumors that Petersen was investigating the Clinton Foundation's role in human trafficking sex ring, or that the Clintons killed Petersen, are unproven.

Rumors that the Ford Motor Company will shift manufacturing from Mexico to Ohio after Donald Trump's election are mostly false.

Hillary Clinton supposedly became physically abusive to her staff on election night, but like similar rumors in the past, this one is unproven.