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Photo Captures a 50-foot wide "Crabzilla"-Fiction!
15-ton Prehistoric Shark Captured in Pakistan-Fiction!
Young girl with serious health problems from Wal-Mart milk-Unproven!
A Whale of a Killing in Denmark-Truth! and Fiction!
Artist allowed a dog to starve to death in art exhibit-Disputed!
Avoid Ultra Clorox's poisonous-Fiction!
Baby pigs adopted by grieving mother tiger-Fiction!
Strange Sea Creatures Washed Up From the Tsunami-Fiction!
St. Bernards are being served as food in China-Truth!
9/11 Survivor stories: Chaplain Seth Castleman-Truth!
Single Black Female Seeks Companionship-Unproven!
Snowball the giant cat-Fiction!
Police Officer in Prison Because Her Police Dog Bit a Robbery Suspect-Truth!
Pets dying from Swiffer Wetjet-Fiction!
Huge Moose shot in Russia-Truth!
Great white shark caught off Washington-Fiction!
British Scientists Clone Dinosaur-Fiction!
Donate to save Toby the rabbit-Unproven!  Probable Hoax!
15 Foot Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Caught in Florida-Fiction!
Giant Squid Washes up on Santa Monica Beach-Fiction!
The seagull that steals Doritos-Truth!
Life Changing Experience with a Baby Sea Lion -Truth!
Picture of a great white shark attacking a soldier hanging from a helicopter-Fiction!
Shark that attacked Florida boy was actually on a fishing line-Fiction!
Reggie the Black Lab's Adoption-Fiction!
Dog Owner experianced problems with ProMeris Flea and Tick Treatment-Depends on How It is Used!
Throwing rice at weddings harms birds-Fiction!
Rattlesnake more than 9 feet long and nearly 100 pounds-Unproven!
A snake pulling a kangaroo from a river?-Truth!
Puppy death recorded in video in Iraq-Truth!
Deaths From Soda Cans Contaminated With Rat Urine-Fiction!
The Tiny Deer Named Rupert-Truth!
Video of Hypnotized Bunny Taking a Shower-Truth!
Girl Throwing Puppies in River on Video-Truth!
Pronged Collars Should be Banned Because They are Harmful to Dogs-Fiction!
Rare pink dolphin sighted in Louisiana-Truth!
Poinsettia plants are poison to children and pets-Fiction!
The fisherman who befriended a great white shark-Fiction!
Vote for the Palm Beach Zoo in Microsoft Contest!-Truth!
Video of Couple in Pasadena Unaware of Bear-Truth!
Odin The Swimming Bengal Tiger-Truth!
Man on Beach Attacked by Killer Whale-Fiction!
Modern day Jonah swallowed by a whale-Fiction!
Environmental fears over Navy sonar-Truth!
Huge mountain lion of Kansas and Pennsylvania-Fiction!
The 9/11 survival story of Michael Hingson and his dog-Truth!
Molly, the horse with an artificial leg-Truth!
Mother Bird Saved Chicks in Yellowstone Fire-Fiction
Burning mouse takes revenge by burning down house-Fiction!
The mule that killed a mountain lion-Fiction!
Little African girl saved from pursuers by lions-Disputed!
Photos of a Bullfighter Who Got Gored Through the Throat by a Bull-Truth!
Ligers-a cross between a lion and a tiger-Truth!
Photo From a Moose Hunting Trip That Went Wrong-Fiction!
The World's Most Expensive Coffee is From Beans Cycled Through an Indonesian  Monkey's Digestive System-Truth!
The Cat That Dropped Out of Heaven-Unproven!
3-Year-Old Dog Bite Victim Asked to Leave by a Mississippi KFC Restaurant-Disputed!
Tried to Barbecue a Kitten?
Kosher slaughter of animals banned in Holland-Fiction!
The young man who raffled a dead donkey and grew up to be the chairman of Enron-Fiction!
World's largest dog?  Truth! & Fiction!
The baby hippo and the tortoise who became friends after the tsunami-Truth!
Giant hogs killed by hunters in Georgia-Truth!
Iams mistreat of animals in contract labs-Disputed!
Pictures of Alligator Swimming with Dead Deer in Its Mouth-Truth!
Giant rabbit?-Truth!
The whale that thanked its rescuers-Reported to be Truth!
Pictures of a hunter and a giant bear in Alaska-Truth! & Fiction!
The Hunters who end up dynamiting a brand new SUV and their dog on a frozen lake-Fiction!
Dolphin Rings?-Truth!
Photo of Elk Hunter With Mountain Lion Watching in Background-Fiction!
Dolphins thwarted pirate attack on Chinese merchant ships -Reported to be Truth!
Dead deer found atop power pole-Truth!
Dogs Were Used for Shark Bait by Fishermen on African Island-Truth!
Gravity Defying Photos of Big Horn Sheep At The Buffalo Bill Dam In Wyoming-Real Photos!  Inaccurate Details! 
The Dancing Walrus-Don't know where it's from!
Adventures in cow tipping-Fiction!
Deadly Snow Snakes in Ohio and Pennsylvania-Fiction!
Video of Beached Dolphins Rescued by Beachgoers in Brazil-Truth!
Ice in Dog Dish Warning-Fiction!
The story of Christian the Lion-Truth!
Cocoa Mulch Contains an Ingredient Harmful to Pets-Truth!
Daisy the dog that saved nearly 1,000 people on 9/11-Fiction!
Four Deer Rescued from Alaskan Waters by Boater-Truth!
Catfish with child's basketball in its mouth-Truth!
Man Eating Catfish from China-Fiction!
Dog Owner Claims His Dog's Tongue Had to be Amputated After Playing With a Defective Pet Toy-Truth!
The Cliff Diver and Great White Shark-Fiction!
Chimpanzee Mothering Tiger Cubs-Truth!
Woman Finds A Deep-Fried Chicken Head in Her Order of Fried Chicken at McDonald's-Unproven!
Record catfish taken from Texas lake-Truth! & Fiction!
The Birds that Collected Coins at a Car Wash-Truth!
Mourning Dog Stays by Master's Grave-Truth!
Bonsai Kittens-cruelty to kittens by rearing them in jars-Fiction!
Rick Dyer's Bigfoot Shooting-Fiction!
Running Herd of Bison in Yellowstone is an Indication of Volcanic Eruption-Fiction!
"Bear Farms" in China torturing hundreds of bears-Truth!
The sea creature found on the shores of Nova Scotia-Truth!
Bald eagles change their lives at 40-Fiction!
U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft believes calico cats are of the devil-Fiction!
Photos of Bambi and Thumper a Fawn and Wild Rabbit-Truth!
The "Beaver Dam" correspondence between the state of Michigan and a land owner-Truth!
President's Dog, Bo, and Handler Flew Alone in a Separate Plane to Maine-Fiction!
Forty Two Midgets Mutilated by a Lion in Cambodia Contest-Fiction!
Elephants Paid Their Respects to Late “Elephant Whisperer” Lawrence Anthony-Reported to be Truth!
UFO Cow Abductions- Unproven! & Pending Investigation!



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