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Pay Hike Policy Could Shut Down Burger King and Other Fast Food Franchises on Military Bases-Truth! But On Hold!
2014 Tax Increases- Truth! & Fiction!  Depending on the bracket!
Tonopah Solar Company $737 Million Government Loan For Solar Project-Fiction!
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad is Why Keystone Was Not Approved-Fiction!
Candidate Arrested in U.K. for Quoting Winston Churchill-Truth!
Bill Gates Admits to Chemtrails-Truth!
H.L. Mencken- 94 year old Prophecy-Confirmed Authorship!
Mother of Officer Killed by Illegal Immigrant Wrote President Obama-Truth!
Justice Roberts Signed Off on Obama's Removal for Treason-Fiction!
Sandy Hook Shooting Was Staged by the Government-Unproven!
Senate Bill 2219 to Regulate Media That Insults or Offends Islam in U.S.-Truth!
GOP Law Makers in Florida Jumped to Protect the State from Sharia Law-Truth!
Social Security Becoming "Federal Benefit Payments"-Investigation Pending!
Harry Reid Behind Bureau of Land Management Land Grab of Bundy Ranch-Pending Investigation!
Hobby Lobby is Suing the U.S. Government Over Obamacare-Truth!
The Democratic Party Has Become the Lawyer's Party- Commentary!
A Country Of Idiots by Jeff Foxworthy-Fiction!
California Elects Obnoxious Women-Confirmed Authorship! 
$400K Camel Statue in Pakistan-Truth!
Comrades Allege Bergdahl Desertion-Truth!
President Obama Lifted Limitations of Diplomatic Immunity for the International Police Organization INTERPOL-Truth!
President Obama  Enacted the Dream Act by Executive Order- Truth! & Fiction!
Changes at the Department of Justice Website-Truth! & Fiction!
Obscene Salaries of Welfare Recipients- Reported to be Truth!
Walter Reed Medical Center has Banned Religious Items-Truth! But Rescinded!
Obama is Overwhelming the Economy to Destroy Capitalism in the U.S.- Commentary!
Petition To Award Purple Hearts to Soldiers Wounded or Killed in the Fort Hood Attack-Grass Roots Movement!
72 people Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation in Massachusetts -Truth! If the date was April 20, 1775
How tax cuts work-Unproven!
Congress Passed HR-4646, The Debt Free America Act, That Proposes a 1% Tax On All Financial Institution Transactions- Fiction!
FCC to Monitor Newsrooms Across America–Previously Truth! Now Ended!
Free Cell Phones and Airtime for Low Income Households -Truth!
Medicare Patients Pay "Under Observation" Expenses-Truth!
Snooping Mosques in U.S. Off Limits to NSA & FBI-Reported to be Truth!
Potassium Iodide Purchased by U.S. for Fukushima Leak-Unproven! & Conspiracy Theory!
Senate Passes Bill That Repeals Sodomy Laws in Uniform Military Code of Justice-Truth! But Removed From Final Bill
American Aircraft Manufacturer Excluded From Bidding on Air Force Contract-Truth! & Unproven!
Shutdown Bars Priests from Celebrating Mass at Military Bases-Reported to be True!
Shakespeare or Julius Caesar quote about war-Fiction!
Thirty Three U.S. Senators Voted Against Making English the Official Language of the United States- Fiction!
First Lady Michelle Obama has a larger staff than previous first ladies-Fiction!
Judge Rules TSA Screenings for Muslims Unconstitutional-Fiction!
New Law Allows Dallas Police To Tow and Impound Uninsured Cars-Truth!
Facebook Was Created by the CIA for Intelligence Gathering- Fiction!
Democratic Origins of Social Security-Fiction!
National Defense Appropriations Act to End American Bill Of Rights- Unproven!
Warnings about HB-3200: Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare-Fiction!
Postal Service stamp helps fund breast cancer research-Truth!
Emailed Biographies of Governor Mitt Romney-Unofficial!
V.A. Hospital Refuses to Allow 'Merry Christmas' Cards-Fiction!
Barack Obama Co-Sponsored a "Stand Your Ground" bill as a Senator in Illinois-Truth!
FEMA Corps Team Members Are the Modern Day Hitler Youth-Fiction!
Florida is Requiring Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients-Previously Truth! Now Ended!
Department of Homeland Security warned law enforcement agencies of a rise in rightwing extremist activity-Truth!
The ACA or Obamacare Phone Number Spells Out F-Word- Disputed!
WTHR Investigates Illegal Migrant Workers Taking Advantage of Additional Child Tax Credit-Truth!
The meanings of the symbols on the dollar bill-Truth!
Doe Run Smelter to Shut Down Operations-Truth!
NBC Predicted RFID Chips to be Implanted in all Americans by 2017-Truth! & Fiction!
Delta Airlines to ban Jews and Israeli Citizens From Boarding Flights to Saudi Arabia- Disputed!
List of Facts and Figures about Illegal Immigration-Mostly Fiction!
IRS email refund offer?-Fiction!
"American Suicide" a speech by Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm-Truth!
Media Missed Sniper Attack on California Power Plant-Truth!
The Obama administration plans to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the treatment service related injuries of military personnel  -Truth! -but Cancelled
African Americans will lose voting rights in 2007-Fiction!
Late Absentee Ballots From Military in Afghanistan Would Have Won the Election For Governor Mitt Romney-Fiction!
Be Cautious Giving Information To Census Takers-Truth!
Religious significance of George Washington and the Washington memorial-Mostly Truth!
DHS Has a Federal Police Unit-Truth!
Senator Chris Dodd Said 5% Down Rule "Would Restrict Home Ownership to Only Those Who Could Afford it"- Fiction! & Satire!
Obama Gas Stations Pumping Free Gas In Poor Neighborhoods- Fiction!
Evidences of faith and religion in buildings and monuments in the U.S. Capitol-Truth!, Fiction, & Unproven!
Emails From The Internal Revenue Service Telling You to Update Your Information-Fiction! & Scam!
New Law Makes it Illegal to Protest in Obama's Presence-Disputed!
U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine will go to Russia-Truth!
FEMA Coffins and Internment Camps-Fiction! & Unproven Conspiracy Theory!
A tax refund on 2006 forms for excise tax on long-distance phone calls-Truth!
923 Executive Orders Enacted by President Obama-Fiction!
Senate Amendment to Obamacare Protects Law Biding Gun Owners-Truth!
Dick Act of 1902 and the Right to Bear Arms-Unproven!
H.J.Res. 15 Introduced to Congress to repeal the 22nd Amendment-Truth!
Department of Defense to stop selling used military ammo casings to American ammo maker because they were going to sell it as scrap metal to China-Truth! But the directive was canceled!
U.N. Small Arms Resolution
Obama White House Intentionally Omits American Flags from Press Conferences-Fiction!
White House is asking Americans to turn in critics of the new health care plan -Truth!But  Shut Down by White House!
U.S. Department of Agriculture Plans to Levy a Tax on Christmas Trees-Truth! But Postponed!
President Obama's Visit and Speech at Cape Canaveral  Was Closed to NASA Employees-Fiction!
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona-Truth!
The hardship of the signers of The Declaration Of Independence-Truth! and Fiction!
The Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated The White House-Unproven!
Michael Connelly's Analysis of Heath Care Bill-Opinion! & Fiction!
President's Campaign Bus Was Made In Canada at a Cost of $1,100,000-Truth! & Fiction!
Refunds from Bush tax bill distributed by SS number-Truth!
Howard Stern Called Democrats and FCC Communists-Truth!
Obscene Salaries of Elected Politicians-Fiction!
Give your opinion to the Texas governor's office on a 55 mile-per-hour speed limit-Fiction!
WWII Memorial revises history in Roosevelt quotation-Fiction!
Remembering Medal of Honor Recipient Ed Freeman -Truth!
Cicero's Budget Plan Of 55 B.C.-Truth! & Fiction!
The Federal Government Will Temporarily Interrupt All TV and Radio Broadcasts on November 9, 2011-Truth!
IRS Employing al-Qaeda Tipster Mohammad Weiss Rasool-Pending Investigation!
White House Staffers Got Hefty Pay Raises- Mostly Truth!
IRS refund checks are not what we think-Truth!
Ban Internet taxes-Truth!
Congressional Reform Act of 2011-Fiction!
Michigan Department of Treasury story about an IRS scam warning-Truth! and Fiction!
Call Governor Rick Perry's Office in Texas to Get Prayer Back in Schools-Fiction!
Bob Lonsberry on Two Americas-Confirmed Authorship!
46 Democratic Senators Voted Not to Uphold the Second Amendment in Support of U.N. Resulution 2117-Truth!
Michigan State Government Offers Arabic Instructions to Callers and Website Visitors-Truth!
Federal Communications Commission To Adopt Rules For Government Internet Regulation-Truth!
Tax Refund Notification From IRS-Virus!
Warning about a scam to steal your identity through the mail-Truth!
Jessie Jackson Jr. is Eligible to Receive Benefits and Pension-Truth!
Medicare Premiums Predicted to Increase While Congress is Getting Pay Raises-Truth! & Fiction!
New Presidential coin does not include "In God We Trust"-Fiction!
U.S. Government Purchase of Russian Helicopters for Afghan Air Force-Truth!
Army Serving MRE's Instead of Hot Cooked Breakfasts to Troops in Afghanistan-Truth!
Hillary Clinton's Aide Has Family Ties To Muslim Brotherhood- Unproven!
CIA Chief Nominee, John Brennan, is a Muslim Convert-Unproven!!
The "Beaver Dam" correspondence between the state of Michigan and a land owner-Truth!
It's against the law for Americans to have contact with space aliens-Fiction!
God removed from Capitol Flag Certificates-Truth!
Immigration Protesters Desecrated US Flag in Arizona-Truth!
Even If You Are Not Catholic, This Is Eye Opening-Grass Roots Movement!
"Brain Surgeon" Confirms Obamacare Strategy To Use Death Panels For Seniors Who Require Advanced Neurological Treatment-Fiction!
Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Approved Sales to Mexican Gun Runners -Truth!
Executive Order Gives Pay Raise to Vice President, Members of Congress and Federal Workers-Truth!
Bucket List for 2014-Grass Roots Movement!
A Video Warning About Personal Information Being Requested By Census Takers- Commentary!!
President's Brother-In-Law's Job Saved By Economic Stimulus Check-Fiction!
The U.S. Justice Department spent $8000 for a drapery to cover a female statue with an exposed breast-Truth!
A List of New California Laws effective July 1-Mostly Fiction!
AIG Was Bailed Out  Because They Insured Congressional Pensions-Fiction!
List of the Programs Proposed to be Cut in the 2011 Congressional Budget-Truth! & Fiction!
CGI-Federal and the Controversies Around the Company that Built the Obamacare Website
Abercrombie & Fitch boycott-Truth!
Speeding ticket frenzy by law enforcement?-Fiction!
Social Security benefits to legal and illegal Mexican immigrants?-Truth!
Travel Agent Humor from Washington DC-Unproven!
Police Officer in Prison Because Her Police Dog Bit a Robbery Suspect-Truth!
The Slavery Tax Refund-Fiction!
There Will Be No Cost of Living Increase in 2010 for those receiving Social Security-Truth!
Comparing the backgrounds of the stars versus the politicians-Truth!
NASA Space Pen: a ten-year, $12 million price tab-Fiction!
Local and State Authorities Cannot Ask for Your Social Security Number -Truth & Fiction!
The IRS is going to require guns to be listed on income tax forms-Fiction!
Judge Roy Moore-10 Commandments
Refugees Earn More than Retirees-Fiction!
Social Security for Illegal Immigrants who have not contributed?  Fiction!
A U.S. Federal Appeals Court has ruled the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional -Truth!
The Pentagon was not struck by a hijacked jet on September 11-Fiction!
Petition asking President Bush to reinstate prayer in schools-Unproven!
Proposal to create a department of peace-Truth!
Congress is going to tax email messages-Fiction!
Take action by July 1 to prevent your personal information from being sold by financial institutions-Truth! & Fiction!
You may lose your bank deposit insurance-Fiction!
Oklahoma Laws concerning the 10 Commandments, illegal aliens, firearms and state sovereignty- Truth!
Obama refused to answer a question about health plan options for his family-Fiction!
Obama's Poverty Tax- Truth! & Fiction!
Oliver North wrote an article that says according to the U.S. Government he is a right wing extremist-Truth!
Obama Authorized Funds for the Immigration of Hamas Refugees From Gaza to the US-Fiction!
Anonymous Report From a Presidential Town Hall Meeting in Montana - Truth! and Unproven!
The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act-Fiction!
National Public Radio in trouble and needs funding-Fiction!
Post Offices in Texas told to take down posters with the nation's motto-Truth!
A police boycott over a murderer?-Truth!
Claims About Missouri’s Approach to Illegal Immigration-Truth!
Proving property title back to its origins?-Fiction!
The effort to get references to God taken off the "Touched By An Angel" TV Show-Fiction!
California City Goes Broke Because it is a Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens-Unproven!
Controversial survey of U.S. troops-Fiction!
Madalyn Murray O'Hair trying to get religious programming off radio and television-Fiction!
An Email about called "The Last of the Kennedy Dynasty"- Truth! Fiction! & Unproven!
Resignation letter of John Brady Kiesling-Truth!
Rumsfeld shutting down Ted Kennedy-Fiction!
The preacher's prayer that stirred the Kansas legislature-Truth!
Obama Nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court as a Payback-Fiction!
Bill and Hillary pensions and house payment-Fiction!
Medical Insurance Contributions to be Recorded on W-2 Forms and Added to Taxable Income-Fiction!
HR-2454 or the "Cap and Trade Bill" Could Require A License To Sell Your House- Legislation in Process!
UK has removed The Holocaust from School Curricula?-Fiction!
Clause in the Health Care Bill That Prevents any Changes-Opinion!
The Government is banning organic Farming-Fiction!
HR-1388 prohibits youth volunteers from religious services and instruction-Truth! But Only While On Duty!
Home Depot Is Declining Business with the U.S. Federal Government-Truth! But Decision Reversed!
A Bill has been Introduced in Congress to Register Firearms and Owners-Truth!
Obama Administration Orders U.S. Relief Forces In Haiti Not To Fly Flag-Truth!
Graduating student sneezes so fellow students can say God Bless you-Truth!
U.S. Congressional Representative asked General Petraeus about carbon emissions reduction in the war on terror- Fiction!
Complain to the FTC about Spam?-Truth!
The Fifty States Reference God in their Constitutions-Truth!
1945 News Article About Harry Truman and Germany that Feels like George Bush and Iraq-Fiction!
Muslim Stamp by U.S. Postal Service Commemorates Muslim Holidays-Truth! & Fiction!
New Federal ID Number-Under the Skin of the Hand?-Fiction!
Petition to Stop the Freedom of Choice Act-Truth!
The Federal Communications Commission proposed restricting some Religious TV programs-Truth!
Obama Administration Plans to Ban Fishing From U.S. Coastal and Inland Waters-Opinion!
Florida allows a Muslim woman to have a drivers license photo with her head covered-Fiction!
The FCC proposes charging extra for Internet access-Fiction!
A military draft in 2005?-Fiction!
Do Not Call lists and scams about them-Truth!
Fort Hood Suspect Nidal Hasan Was An Advisor In Obama's Homeland Security Team-Fiction!
Health Care Bill Establishes Dhimmitude, Which Exempts Moslem Participation by Granting Them Jurisdiction in the U.S.-Fiction!
Meeting held to discuss impeachment of President George W. Bush-Truth!
Congressional Testimony of Darrell Scott, father of one of the Columbine Shooting Victims-Truth!
Members of Congress don't have to pay Social Security-Fiction!
Bill and Hillary's NY house payment paid by the government-Fiction!
A warning  from Glenn Beck about the privacy statement on the website-Truth!  But the privacy policy was changed!
Petition in Support of The Breast Cancer Protection Act-Truth!
Bush lied about weapons in Iraq?  What about the Democrats-Truth!
The "Bill of No Rights" from Georgia Representative Mitchell Kaye-Fiction!
Over Five Million Health Care Polices Cancelled After ACA Roll Out - Special Report!
State Department Reported Arizona to the United Nations Human Rights Commission-Truth!



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