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‘Hijacking Dry Run’ on AirTran Airways Flight 297?

This is a forwarded email that gives an eyewitness account of an incident on board a Air Tran Flight 297 that ended in a 2 1/2 delay in the flight because a passenger refused to hang up his cell phone. The story said the un-cooperative passenger spoke only Arabic travelling with 11 other Muslim men who could have been practicing a “dry run” for a terrorist attack.

Was ‘The Gold and Ivory Tablecloth’ Based on a True Story?

A story first published in Reader’s Digest in 1954 continues to linger online — only without any sort of confirmation. “The Gold and Ivory Tablecloth” by Rev. Howard C. Schade deals with a chance encounter that leads to a touching reunion. “At Christmastime, men and women everywhere gather in their churches to wonder anew at …

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The ‘Flashing Headlights’ Gang Initiation Ritual

Suckered into the “Flashing Headlights” Gang Initiation eRumor One of the enduring false eRumors on the Internet warns motorists not to flash their headlights at any oncoming cars driving with their lights off because it may be a member of a gang who, as part of a gang initiation ritual, may follow you and assault …

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