Chinese Jets Sink Navy Aircraft Carrier-Fiction!
First Air Force One Plane Decaying in Arizona Field-Truth!
Bill Gates Admits to Chemtrails-Truth!
Busted Pilot Forgets to Turn Off Chemtrails While Landing-Fiction!
F-35 Airplane Takes Off Vertically, Flips-Fiction!
Secret Renovation of the Enola Gay for National Flying Tour- Fiction! & April Fools Joke!
NBC Cuts Christ From Interview with the Widow of Fallen U.S. Navy Seal-Fiction!
Alien Life Researchers Report That Three Giant Spaceships Are Heading Toward Earth-Fiction!
"The Eye of God" Picture From Space by the Hubble Telescope-Truth!
The hospitality of Gander, Newfoundland to stranded airline passengers on September 11-Truth!
The Man Who Thanked the Sea Gulls-Eddie Rickenbacker-Truth! But Inaccurate Details!
Chuck Yeager's Account of President Eisenhower's Funeral-Truth!
Near disaster of the Air Force Thunderbirds-Fiction!
Pilot Was Ready to Take Down Flight 93 on September 11, 2001 By Ramming The Hijacked Airliner With Her F-16 Jet Fighter-Truth!
President Obama Flew on Air Force One 172 Times in 2010-Truth!
Satellite Pictures From Space of the Shuttle Columbia Disintegrating-Fiction!
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories-Pending Investigation!
Lawnchair Larry, the man who soared to 16,000 Feet attached to weather balloons-Truth!
President Obama's Visit and Speech at Cape Canaveral  Was Closed to NASA Employees-Fiction!
NASA computers found the "missing day" of the Bible story about Joshua-Fiction!
"You Worry Me," an Editorial by an American Airlines Pilot-Truth!
Rare Meteor Shower Expected to Delight Sky Watchers-Truth! & Fiction!
Delta Airlines to ban Jews and Israeli Citizens From Boarding Flights to Saudi Arabia- Disputed!
Man Jumped From an Altitude of 102,800 Feet Back to Earth-Truth!
Christian airline pilots being paired with non-Christian ones in case of rapture-Fiction!
Iranian pilot of hijacked flight 93 to be presented with Medal of Honor-Fiction!
American flag removed from the tail of Obama's campaign plane-Truth!
American Aircraft Manufacturer Excluded From Bidding on Air Force Contract-Truth! & Unproven!
Remembering Medal of Honor Recipient Ed Freeman -Truth!
Lunar Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Celebrated Communion on the Moon -Truth!
Muslim Mayhem on AirTran Jetliner-Truth! & Fiction!
President Obama Delayed Thunderbirds Air Show Following Air Force Academy Graduation- Fiction!
Aircraft Meets Retaining Wall -Truth! & Fiction!
Airline pilot who asked his passengers to take action if hijacked-Truth!
Neil Armstrong wished "Mr. Gorsky" luck from the moon-Fiction!
Jet Airliner With Disabled Landing Gear Saved by Pick Up Truck -Fiction!
China Has a New Multi-Hulled Aircraft Carrier-Truth! & Fiction!
Woman who preached to Alaska Airlines passengers on doomed flight-Fiction!
American Airlines Sent You a Flight Confirmation and Ticket - Phishing! & Possible Virus!
Photos from inside a jet aircraft just as it collided with Air France flight 447 - Fiction!
It's against the law for Americans to have contact with space aliens-Fiction!
New Boeing 797 Giant "Blended Wing" Passenger Airliner-Fiction!
The Fall of Fortresses by Elmer Bendiner, and a Note Found in a Dud Shell -Truth!&  Fiction!
Picture of a great white shark attacking a soldier hanging from a helicopter-Fiction!
Pictures of the sound barrier-Disputed!
Carrier pictures of secret new stealth fighter?-Fiction!
NASA Space Pen: a ten-year, million price tab-Fiction!
Miraculous Safe Landing of Racing Pilot-Probably a Hoax!
The British Airways attendant who turned the tables on a racist passenger-Unproven!
The Pentagon was not struck by a hijacked jet on September 11-Fiction!
Partial ejection from a Navy Jet-Truth!
Who packs your parachute?-Truth!
Missouri Skydiver lovers who died together-Fiction!
Family Members Killed in Montana Plane Crash Connected to Abortion Chain in California-Truth!
Fancy paint job on American helicopter in Afghanistan?-Fiction!
Malaysia Airlines Ad Predicted the Missing MH-370 Incident- Fiction!
Giant military jet stranded over roadway-Truth!
Bomber Designed in 1933 by Russia had a wingspan greater than a US B-52-Truth!
"Grammy Gordon," the feisty grandmother in a wheelchair who decked six airport security guards-Fiction!
Amazing Video of a Flying Lawnmower-Truth!
Advanced Russian fighters found in the sand in Iraq-Truth!
The terrorist flight number that tells the story in graphics-Fiction!
Jet fighters' formation spells USA-Fiction!
Pictures of an F-15 jet coming apart during flight-Animation!
Email from Delta Airlines regarding your Ticket Purchase - Fiction!  It is a Virus! 
Chinese Submarine Launched Missile Off California Coast-Unproven!
Butch and Eddie O'Hare-Truth!
Boeing test pilot tells it like it is to the Europeans-Fiction!
Free British Airways tickets-Fiction!
The 9/11 flight attendant who found God before her fatal flight-Unproven!
The Day that pilots from Coca-Cola and the Navy's Blue Angels saved a little girl's life-Fiction!