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Sylvester Stallone a Christian-Fiction!
Satanic Barista at Starbucks Upsets Catholic Customer-Truth!
GOP Law Makers in Florida Jumped to Protect the State from Sharia Law-Truth!
1500 Year Old Bible Confirms That Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified-Fiction!
An Urgent Call for Prayer from Anne Graham Lotz-Truth!
U.S. Servicemen in Bahrain Forced to Observe Ramadan-Truth! & Fiction!
Gideons Banned From Military Bases-Fiction!
Christian Woman in Sudan Was Sentenced to Hang-Truth!
Westboro Baptist Church Fred Phelp’s Deathbed Confession “I’m Gay”-Fiction! & Satire!
A.F.A. Calls for a Boycott of Harvey Milk Postage Stamps-Truth!
Chaplain Says Officials Ordered Him To Cover Christian Symbols In VA Chapel-Truth!
The FCC has approved widespread use of the F-word in broadcasts-Truth! & Fiction!
500 Nigerians Brutally Murdered by Muslims- Truth! but Inaccurate Details & Photo!
"Joys of Muslim Women" by Nonie Darwish- Incorrectly Attributed!
Salvation Army Instructed Bell Ringers Not to Say "Merry Christmas"- Fiction!
Store Closed to Commemorate the Martyrdom of a 9/11 Terrorist- Fiction!
Paul Harvey commentary on faith in America-Fiction!
Salvation Army President is paid only $13,000 per year-Fiction!
Bruce Vincent's encounter with the president-Truth!
Christian airline pilots being paired with non-Christian ones in case of rapture-Fiction!
Two Egyptian Children Buried for 15 Days Say Jesus Saved Their Lives-Unproven!
Leonardo used the same man for Jesus and Judas in the last supper painting-Fiction!
Call Governor Rick Perry's Office in Texas to Get Prayer Back in Schools-Fiction!
The Mondex chip for the right hand and forehead-Mostly Fiction!
Atheist in a university classroom is upstaged by a piece of chalk-Fiction!
White House Will Not Accept Christmas Ornaments With Religious Themes-Fiction!
The vanishing hitchhiker-Fiction!
Chaplian's Report From Bombing in Mosul, Iraq-Truth!
Chilean Miners Wore T-Shirts That Said "¡Gracias Señor! - Thank You Lord!" During the Rescue Operation-Truth!
Boy Sang Gospel Song Until Kidnapper Released Him-Truth!
What did Megachurch pastor Rick Warren Really Say about Gays and Gay Marriage?
NBC Cuts Christ From Interview with the Widow of Fallen U.S. Navy Seal-Fiction!
Religious significance of George Washington and the Washington memorial-Mostly Truth!
Man Said He Was Assaulted While Using His Camera In the Presence of Veiled Muslim Women in Toronto Public Square-Truth!
CAIR Instructs Home Depot on How to Make Stores More Sharia-Compliant-Disputed!
Untimely Deaths of Famous People Who Mocked God - Fiction! and Unproven!
The weight of a prayer-Unproven!
Hobby Lobby's Retirement Plan Invests in Contraception Manufacturers-Truth! & Pending Investigation!
Christian Charity World Vision to Hire Employees in Same Sex Marriages-Truth! But Later Reversed!
The Execution of Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani in Iran-Fiction!
Laminin, a protein important to the body, is in the shape of a cross-Truth!
General Mills issues apology for a CD-ROM in cereal boxes that includes the Bible-Truth!
Prison Minister Shames Moslem During a Prison Training Session-Disputed!
MSNBC's Chris Matthews Interviewed Pope-Unproven!
Minster T.D. Jakes and the President-Truth! and Fiction!
Dollar Bills Circulating with "No God But Allah" Stamped on Their Backs-Unproven!
Muslim Clerics to Replace Rejected Cardinal for Democratic Convention Prayer-Fiction!
Starbucks CEO Told Christian Shareholders To Buy Stocks Elsewhere- Fiction!
Fliers Call for Jews to Register with Pro-Russians in Ukrainian City-Pending Investigation!
DNC Banned Churches From Distributing Gift Baskets to Delegates at Convention-Truth!
"A German's View on Islam" by Dr. Emanuel Tanay-Fiction!
Inspirational story, "The Tablecloth"-Unproven!
Black Mass at Harvard to Reenact Satanic Rituals-Truth!
Teacher Fired For Quoting a Verse From the Bible to Student-Truth!
Tyson Foods Substituted Labor Day with a Moslem holiday -Truth! But Decision was Reversed!
Military Hiring Muslim Brotherhood Chaplains by Allen West-Authorship Confirmed
Einstein proves God in an encounter with a professor-Fiction!
Pope Condemned Racism and Declared All Religions True-Fiction! & Satire!
Bible Series Producers Made Up Satan to Look Like President Obama-Fiction!
Lebanese Woman Speaks Out Against Terrorism and Defends Israel At Duke University-Truth!
The Twelve Days of Christmas is a catechism song-Fiction!
Deadly Aftermath of Harold Camping's May 21, 2011 Judgement Day Prediction-Truth! & Unconfirmed!
Buy a car from a millionaire's estate of 4000 cars-Unproven!
Evidences of faith and religion in buildings and monuments in the U.S. Capitol-Truth!, Fiction, & Unproven!
Target says no to the Salvation Army and yes to sex toys?-Truth! & Fiction!
The Easter story of Edith Burns-Fiction!
President Obama Cancelled 21st Annual National Day Of Prayer-Truth! & Fiction!
Russian President Vladimir Putin Says No to Sharia-Fiction!
Photos of Mass Weddings in Gaza Showing Hamas Playing Host to Pedophilia-Fiction!
George W. Bush spent 30 minutes talking with a teen about God at a banquet-Fiction!
Boycott Whole Foods Market Because They Support Hamas-Fiction!
Student Asked to Change Paper on Jesus-Truth!
Chariot wheels found at the bottom of the Red Sea?-Unproven!
Steven Curis Chapman's daughter accidentally killed in family driveway-Truth!
City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law-Fiction! & Satire!
Catholic Cardinals Considering Barack Obama as Next Pope-Fiction!
Two New Jersey Coptic Christians Beheaded -Truth!
Ten major U.S. disasters on dates significant to treatment of Israel-Truth!
NASA computers found the "missing day" of the Bible story about Joshua-Fiction!
Muslims Are Meeting to Pray on the Capitol Steps on September 25, 2009-Truth!
New Presidential coin does not include "In God We Trust"-Fiction!
Muslim Protester Calls BBC's Stacey Dooley a Naked Seductress-Truth!
God removed from Capitol Flag Certificates-Truth!
Ann Barnhardt's Response to a Death Threat-Truth!
Political Ad by Billy Graham-Truth!
Cassie Bernall Said "Yes" When Asked about her faith by a shooter at Columbine-Disputed!
Daughter of Murdered Couple Protests No “In God We Trust”-Unproven! & Pending Investigation!
Military Members Who Share Their Christian Faith Could Face Court Martial-Disputed!
The Judge Who Called April Fool's Day the "Atheist's Holiday"-Fiction!
Corpus Christi Movie Featured a Gay Jesus-Fiction!
CIA Chief Nominee, John Brennan, is a Muslim Convert-Unproven!!
Woman who preached to Alaska Airlines passengers on doomed flight-Fiction!
Lunar Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Celebrated Communion on the Moon -Truth!
Incredible Ad By The Catholic Church-Inaccurate Attribution!
Church Announcement Regarding Cell Phones-Truth!
Complaints Move Koran to Top Shelf at Boston University Library- Fiction!
Even If You Are Not Catholic, This Is Eye Opening-Grass Roots Movement!
ABC-insulting letter to TV viewer-Truth!
The ACLU has filed a suit to have all military cross shaped headstones removed- Fiction!
Spiritually needy man who got a voice mail message from "Almighty God"-Fiction!
ABC bleeps "Jesus" from the delayed broadcast of a TV Show-Truth!
Jerry Falwell Protested for Selling Pedophile Book -Previously Truth! Now Ended!
Butterball Turkeys Sold in the U.S.A. Are Blessed by Allah and Halal Certified-Fiction!
American missionary sentenced to death in Africa after traffic accident-Fiction!
ACLU Opposition to Marines Praying-Fiction!
Inspirational story titled "The Room"-Fiction!
Theologian Paul Tillich upstaged by a simple preacher-Fiction!
Does God speak today?-Unproven!
Tony Snow testimoney of faith during cancer-Truth!
26 Armed Guards protecting a missionary-Unproven!
The classic gospel song "Precious Lord" was written by band leader Tommy Dorsey-Fiction!
Steven Spielberge filming the crusades?-Fiction!
Tree in cemetery looks like popular images of Jesus-Truth!
Appeal for prayer for the Iraqi elections from an Army chaplain-Unproven!
The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, became a Christian 2 weeks before his death?-Fiction!
Meeting President Bush at church-Truth!
"Eternity" the story of the homeless man in Sydney, Australia who went down in history-Truth!
His Eye is On the Sparrow at Starbucks-Truth!
A sign from God after hurricane Charlie-Truth!
The man who found the DC snipers had prayed for them to be caught-Truth!
Saint Chad is the patron saint of elections-Fiction!
Inspirational sand sculptures in Maryland-Truth!
Target stores have given the boot to the Salvation Army-Truth! But Updated!
Patriotic Poem Written by Judge Roy Moore-Truth!
Judge Roy Moore-10 Commandments
The missionary son who found redemption in Timbuktu-Truth!
The Salvation Army has approved benefits for domestic partnerships-Truth! But Reversed!
The pastor who was raised from the dead in Nigeria-God only knows!
Presidential Prayer Team organizing prayer for the president-Truth!
Photo of Pope John Paul II and Virgin Mary-Fiction!
Petition to Stop the Removal of Religious Services and Teachers From Airwaves - Fiction!
Day of prayer on 3-3-2003?
The Inspiration for Albrecht Dürer's Famous Artwork “The Praying Hands”-Fiction!
A U.S. Federal Appeals Court has ruled the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional -Truth!
Executive of Procter & Gamble is a Satanist-Fiction!
San Diego County Officials told pastor that he can not hold a Bible study in his home without a permit -Truth!  but Decision Reversed!
Paul Harvey and David Limbaugh review "The Passion"-Truth! & Fiction!
The impact of the film The Passion in the Middle East-Probably Truth!
Oprah Winfrey and A Course in Miracles-Truth!
Rosie O'Donnell likens radical Christians to radical Moslems-Truth!
Four Christians Facing Prison For Demonstrating at Homosexual Event in Philadelphia-Truth!
Jesus named the Antichrist---and it’s Barack Obama-Fiction!
Barack Obama is America's Most Biblically Hostile U.S. President-Commentary!
Healings at Barack Obama Rallies-Fiction!
Post Offices in Texas told to take down posters with the nation's motto-Truth!
Explorers Have Found the Biblical Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey-Unproven!
The motorist who thought the Biblical rapture was taking place-Fiction!
The Russian Boy and the Babe in the Manger-Unproven!
The Buddhist Monk who claims to have come back from the dead-Unproven!
A Federal Judge Halted 2010 National Day of Prayer- Fiction!
Muslim Family Day at Six Flags Amusement Parks-Truth!
Commentary by Newt Gingrich Disapproving The Construction of a Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero-Confirmed Authorship!
Letter from heaven?-Fiction!
Muslims Gather Every Friday in the Streets of New York City to Pray-Fiction!
Retailers urging Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas?-Truth! & Fiction!
400 Christians saved from tsunami death in Indonesia?-Unproven!
The effort to get references to God taken off the "Touched By An Angel" TV Show-Fiction!
Madonna is doing a scene of the crucifixion-Truth!
Madalyn Murray O'Hair trying to get religious programming off radio and television-Fiction!
One minute of prayer each night-Grass Roots Effort!
Koran 9:11 refers to the war in iraq?-Fiction!
The Cat That Dropped Out of Heaven-Unproven!
John Kerry gets mixed up quoting his favorite Bible verse-Fiction!
Logan, the young boy who is older than his years-Truth!
Kay Arthur's Prophecy of Famine for USA-Fiction!
Human shield changed his mind about Iraq?-Disputed!
Church Building made of Legos-Truth!
Family Tomb in Jerusalem is That of Jesus and His Family-Disputed!
The preacher's prayer that stirred the Kansas legislature-Truth!
U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno identifies Christians as cultists-Fiction!
Harry Potter author admits that she is a Satanist-Fiction!
Tennessee high school principal's remarks about prayer at a football game-Truth!
The story of Tommy, the atheist theology student who was found by God-Truth!
More Christian persecution in Uzbekistan when Clinton was president?-Unproven!
Military Service of Jeremiah Wright-Truth!
John Wayne conversion to Christianity through the daughter of Dr. Robert Schuller-Fiction!
Mass renunciation of Hinduism in India-Truth!
Hezekiah Walker has come out as a homosexual-Fiction!
Hurricane Katrina halted plans for Southern Decadence Day?-Truth!
A dying baby, a hot water bottle, a child's prayer, and a children's doll-Truth!
Christians who upstaged their atheist Russian leader-Unproven!
The little girl who died and left 57 cents to build a bigger church-Truth! & Fiction!
More kids going into Satanism because of Harry Potter books-Fiction!
Media Ignoring Protest Over Mosque Planned Near New York's Ground Zero-Fiction!
Mel Gibson is Making a Movie About Jesus
The Navy Seal who responded with force to the atheist professor-Unproven!
Al Gore calls Christians a "blight to the environment"-Fiction!
Al Gore getting confused on Bible Verse-Fiction!
Golden Corral restaurants leave God out of "God Bless America"-Fiction!
Graduating student sneezes so fellow students can say God Bless you-Truth!
Billy Graham-revival in the streets in New Orleans-Fiction!
The Fifty States Reference God in their Constitutions-Truth!
"God's perfection," the story of a disabled boy and baseball-Truth!
The meaning of the folded napkin in Jesus' tomb-Fiction!
Whitehouse asked Georgetown University to remove a religious symbol for the name of Jesus where President Obama was to speak-Truth!& Disputed!
The film "The Golden Compass" is a controversy among Christians-Truth!
A church leader in China has been sentenced to death-Truth!
George W. Bush is a born-again Christian-Truth!
Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, views on September 11-Truth!
The Federal Communications Commission proposed restricting some Religious TV programs-Truth!
Diane...protected from rape by two angels-Source Not Found!
Soviet Scientists drilled into hell-Fiction!
Health Care Bill Establishes Dhimmitude, Which Exempts Moslem Participation by Granting Them Jurisdiction in the U.S.-Fiction!
Dr. James Dobson endorsed homosexual marriage?-Fiction!
Wisdom from the Dalai Lama-Fiction!
Coalition for Traditional Values criticizes Laura Bush-Fiction!
The Dalai Lama issues a statement on terrorism-Fiction!
Charles Darwin became a Christian on his deathbed and renounced evolution-Fiction!
Missionary David Allen is ill and needs prayer-Truth! but Resolved!
New NBC Show for January, 2006 titled The Book of Daniel-Truth! But Cancelled!
Islam in California Schools-Truth! and Fiction!
Prayer Request From President Bush in China-Truth!
George W. Bush getting confused on Bible Verse-Fiction!
The Incredible Story of the Protection of the Bulgarian Jews-Mostly Truth!
Obama the Antichrist?
Hidden code in Microsoft Windows says Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ-Fiction!
Ben Stein Commentary on Christmas
The faith of Atlanta hostage Ashley Smith-Truth!
Angels hang out at the Big Wheel truck stop-Unproven!
Billy Graham Prayer for the Nation-Fiction!
The 9/11 flight attendant who found God before her fatal flight-Unproven!
The Little boy who was helped by "Birdies" while trapped beneath a garage door-Unproven!
"The Beast," a supercomputer in Belgium with every person on earth in it-Fiction!
Police photographer captures picture of an angel-Unproven!
President George Bush's visit to the inner city at Christmas-Truth!
Comments about Islam by Attorney General Ashcroft?-Disputed!
U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft believes calico cats are of the devil-Fiction!
"Why Believe in a god?" Campaign-Truth!
Ant and contact lens-an inspirational rock-climbing story-Unproven!
Anne Graham Lotz on morning television regarding Sep 11-Truth!



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