Chimpanzee Mothering Tiger Cubs-Truth!

pictures of a chimpanzee playing with two white tiger cubs. The text claims that the cubs were separated from their tiger mother because of Hurricane Hannah and that the chimpanzee has become their surrogate parent.

Candy Swipe vs. Candy Crush- Truth!

This is allegedly an open letter by Albert Ransom, President of Runsome Apps Inc. to who, owing to a resemblance of the Candy Crush game, plans to cancel the Candy Swipe trademark registration. Candy Crush is a computer game that has been played by millions.

Wash your Undies!

This one is accompanied by both a photograph and a video of what is said to be parasites infesting a woman’s breast and creating a grotesque site. The story warns that women should be sure and wash a new bra to make sure any parasites have been eliminated. It also recommends ironing underwear for the same reason. It tells the story of an anthropologist named Susan McKinley who returned from a trip to South America with a rash that evolved into a worm-infested breast.