John McCain's POW story about the pledge of allegiance-Truth!
Actor Lee Marvin gives tribute to fellow Marine Bob Keeshan-Fiction!
Boy Sang Gospel Song Until Kidnapper Released Him-Truth!
General Mills issues apology for a CD-ROM in cereal boxes that includes the Bible-Truth!
Two Egyptian Children Buried for 15 Days Say Jesus Saved Their Lives-Unproven!
Iraqi statue honoring American soldiers-Truth!
The "crabby old man" who died with an inspirational poem in his pocket-Fiction!
The hardship of the signers of The Declaration Of Independence-Truth! and Fiction!
Marines Helped Evacuate Children From Pentagon Day Care on 9/11-Fiction!
Actress Jane Fonda has become a born-again Christian-Truth!
Soldiers in a movie theater in Iraq finish an interrupted National Anthem-Truth!
Stanford Commencement Speech by Steve Jobs-Confirmed Authorship!
The Easter story of Edith Burns-Fiction!
Support the Wounded Veterans at Walter Reed-Fiction!
Leonardo used the same man for Jesus and Judas in the last supper painting-Fiction!
Mitt Romney Set Up A Command Center To Help Find Partner's Missing Daughter-Truth!
Irena Sendler, a woman who saved the lives of 2,500 Jewish Children during WW II-Truth!
The hospitality of Gander, Newfoundland to stranded airline passengers on September 11-Truth!
The German ship that honored Americans over losses to terrorists-Truth!
The football player to performed for his blind father-Fiction!
Winston Churchill's life saved by a doctor whom Churchill's father put through school-Fiction!
Teddy Stoddard
Yorkshire Stammering Student Video on YouTube-Truth!
Atheist in a university classroom is upstaged by a piece of chalk-Fiction!
Stray Dog Rescues Abandoned Baby-Truth!
An Article on "What is an American" -Truth!
The story behind the military song "taps"-Fiction!
The Generous Gift of a Glass of Milk that Ended up Paying for Medical Care-Truth!
The Private Train That Took Wounded Vets to the Army Navy Game in 2005-Truth!
Christmas Wreaths At Arlington Cemetery-Truth!
"If I Were the Devil" by Paul Harvey-Truth!
Inspirational story, "The Tablecloth"-Unproven!
An Account Of A Ceremony That Takes Place Every Friday At The Pentagon-Truth!
Photo of New York Police Officer Giving Boots to a Homeless Man-Truth!
The Amazing Story and Performance of a Contestant in a Korean Talent Program-Truth!
Daisy the dog that saved nearly 1,000 people on 9/11-Fiction!
Diary of a Marine's final flight home-Truth!
Herman Rosenblat and "The Girl with the Apple"-Fiction!
Veterans carry school desks into history class-Truth!
George W. Bush spent 30 minutes talking with a teen about God at a banquet-Fiction!
The weight of a prayer-Unproven!
Mysterious woman on the road-Fiction!
The Man Who Thanked the Sea Gulls-Eddie Rickenbacker-Truth! But Inaccurate Details!
The man who got involved...and saved his daughter's life: Unproven!
Don Knotts Was a Chicken Plucker Called Jesse-Truth! & Unproven!
Cassie Bernall Said "Yes" When Asked about her faith by a shooter at Columbine-Disputed!
The Fall of Fortresses by Elmer Bendiner, and a Note Found in a Dud Shell -Truth!&  Fiction!
The Cab Driver who was kind to a terminally ill passenger-Unproven!
Photo of President George W. Bush Dancing With Wounded Warrior-Truth! But Inaccurate Details!
Chick-Fil-A Fed Stranded Motorists in Snowstorm-Truth!
Woman who preached to Alaska Airlines passengers on doomed flight-Fiction!
The new September 11 postage stamp-Fiction!
Bill Gates' high school speech on The Eleven Rules of Life-Fiction!
Florida mother who saved her son from an alligator-Fiction!
The President and a soldier whose hand was amputated-Mostly Truth!
Picture of a Surgeon Holding Hands With a 21-week Old Fetus-Truth! &  Disputed!
26 Armed Guards protecting a missionary-Unproven!
The classic gospel song "Precious Lord" was written by band leader Tommy Dorsey-Fiction!
Theologian Paul Tillich upstaged by a simple preacher-Fiction!
Inspirational story titled "The Room"-Fiction!
The tooth that saved a soldier's life-Truth!
Courage at the Tomb of the Unknowns during Hurricane Isabel-Truth!
A sign from God after hurricane Charlie-Truth!
His Eye is On the Sparrow at Starbucks-Truth!
The soldier's Christmas poem
Stuart (or Russ) Hamblen, Billy Graham, John Wayne, and Hamblen's Song It Is No Secret-Mostly Truth!
Holocaust Memorial made of paper clips-Truth!
"Eternity" the story of the homeless man in Sydney, Australia who went down in history-Truth!
Encounter with the president in Iraq-Truth!
The Rejection that led to the founding of Stanford University-Fiction!
The power of a smile and unconditional acceptance at McDonald's-Unproven!
The smell of rain, an inspirational story about a premature baby-Truth!
Stop To Salute-a Memorial Day Tribute written by a U.S. Army Captain-Truth!
The Story of the Sandpiper-Unclear!
"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" Was Written To Comfort a Grieving Daughter -Fiction!
The returning Marine from Afghanistan who warmed the hearts of a real estate staff-Truth!
Miracle Sand Storm in Iraq
"The Christmas Miracle" of Santa and Sarah-Truth!
Inspirational sand sculptures in Maryland-Truth!
The missionary son who found redemption in Timbuktu-Truth!
Robby, the boy who played the piano for his deaf motherFiction!
The POW confronts anti-war protestors in Moscow, Idaho-Fiction!
Price of a miracle-the little girl who needed surgery-Unproven!
The Inspiration for Albrecht Dürer's Famous Artwork “The Praying Hands”-Fiction!
The Romanian Newspaper editorial celebrating America-Truth!
The Boy Who Played Chopsticks for the Great Paderewski-Fiction!
Outback Steakhouses serve dinner with all the trimmings to troops in Afghanistan-Truth!
Who packs your parachute?-Truth!
The Russian Boy and the Babe in the Manger-Unproven!
The moving military funeral of Navy SEAL Mike Monsoor-Truth!
Stranded motorist who turned out to be Mrs. Nat King Cole-Fiction!
Mother Bird Saved Chicks in Yellowstone Fire-Fiction
The sailor who gave up his son's life to save his son's friend-Fiction!
Letter from heaven?-Fiction!
Marines applauded by passengers on delayed flight-Unproven!
President Bush fulled a promise to jog with a wounded vet-Truth!
The Story of Mark Eklund, the former Catholic school student killed in Vietnam-Truth!
The film "The Man Without A Face" is about actor Mel Gibson-Fiction!
John McCain Just Got Baptized-Fiction!
The Story of Kyle, saved from suicide by a friend-Fiction!
Heather Levia Said She was Fired From McDonalds After Buying Meals for Firefighters-Truth!
The love story of Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda-Truth! and Fiction!
The Littlest Firefighter, the boy with cancer and the firefighters who loved him-Truth!
Logan, the young boy who is older than his years-Truth!
Little African girl saved from pursuers by lions-Disputed!
John Wayne conversion to Christianity through the daughter of Dr. Robert Schuller-Fiction!
Tennessee high school principal's remarks about prayer at a football game-Truth!
The 9/11 story of Robert Matthews-Fiction!
Woman Without Arms Flies Airplanes With Her Feet-Truth!
The story of Tommy, the atheist theology student who was found by God-Truth!
The preacher's prayer that stirred the Kansas legislature-Truth!
Touching Article about Coach John Wooden-Truth!
A dying baby, a hot water bottle, a child's prayer, and a children's doll-Truth!
Air Force General Richard Hawley's comments on the Attack on America-Fiction!
The Four Finger Pianist-Truth!
The little girl who died and left 57 cents to build a bigger church-Truth! & Fiction!
The baby hippo and the tortoise who became friends after the tsunami-Truth!
The whale that thanked its rescuers-Reported to be Truth!
Canadian Gordon Sinclair's commentary on America-Truth!
"God's perfection," the story of a disabled boy and baseball-Truth!
Graduating student sneezes so fellow students can say God Bless you-Truth!
Picture of American soldier comforting a wounded little girl in Iraq-Truth!
The Little Boy Who Wanted to Buy a Doll For His Sister in Heaven-Unproven!
Diane...protected from rape by two angels-Source Not Found!
Wisdom from the Dalai Lama-Fiction!
Poem about a car crash and the miraculous survival of twin boys-Fiction!
Send greeting or business cards to cancer victim Craig Shergold-Fiction!
Congressional Testimony of Darrell Scott, father of one of the Columbine Shooting Victims-Truth!
The story of Christian the Lion-Truth!
Six Brave Soldiers-Truth!
Prayer Request From President Bush in China-Truth!
White House help with rescuing a small boy and paying for his funeral?-Truth! & Fiction!
The Miracle of a Brother's Song-Truth!
The Incredible Story of the Protection of the Bulgarian Jews-Mostly Truth!
Butch and Eddie O'Hare-Truth!
On the First Anniversary of 9/11, drive with headlights shining-Grass Roots Effort!
The Day that pilots from Coca-Cola and the Navy's Blue Angels saved a little girl's life-Fiction!
The Little boy who was helped by "Birdies" while trapped beneath a garage door-Unproven!
The Blue Ribbon that Saved a Teen's Life-Reported to be Truth!
Bald eagles change their lives at 40-Fiction!
The 9/11 flight attendant who found God before her fatal flight-Unproven!
Angels hang out at the Big Wheel truck stop-Unproven!
Ben Stein's Last Column-Truth!
The faith of Atlanta hostage Ashley Smith-Truth!
Ant and contact lens-an inspirational rock-climbing story-Unproven!
Ann-Margret's tribute to American Vets-Truth!
Teen Escapes Death After Hospital Video Captures Images of What the Family Believes Was an Angel-Truth!