Russian Planes Zap USS Donald Cook's Missile Defense System-Fiction!
Former Marine Arrested in Crack Down on Anti-Government Commenters -Truth! & Fiction!
President Obama Snaps at Military Brass – Unproven!
ESPN Failed to Show Veterans Salute at Lambeau Field-Truth! & Misleading!
Parents of Fallen SEAL Team 6 Officer Call for Obama’s Resignation–Authorship Confirmed!
Veteran Rumble Email-Fiction!
U.S. Government Developing Insect Spy Drones-Truth!
President Obama Gives U.S. Marines a ‘Latte Salute’-Truth!
U.S. Servicemen in Bahrain Forced to Observe Ramadan-Truth! & Fiction!
John McCain's POW story about the pledge of allegiance-Truth!
Harley-Davidson Dealer's Special Thanks to Military Members-Truth!
Comrades Allege Bergdahl Desertion-Truth!
Actor Lee Marvin gives tribute to fellow Marine Bob Keeshan-Fiction!
Army Dad Not Allowed to Visit Daughters School While in Uniform-Truth! Now Resolved!
President Obama Not Represented at Memorial for General Harold Greene-Fiction!
Chinese Jets Sink Navy Aircraft Carrier-Fiction!
Reggie the Black Lab's Adoption-Fiction!
Van T. Barfoot and Homeowners Association Dispute Over a Flagpole-Truth!
Photo of Mohammad Fazi with Severed Heads-Fiction!
Pay Hike Policy Could Shut Down Burger King and Other Fast Food Franchises on Military Bases-Truth! But On Hold!
Admiral Chester Nimitz on Japan's Three Mistakes-Pending Investigation!
Navy Directive Bans Bibles from Hotel Rooms on Bases-Previously Truth! Now Ended!
Chaplain Says Officials Ordered Him To Cover Christian Symbols In VA Chapel-Truth!
U.S.A.F. Veteran Brian Kolfage's letter to President Obama-Confirmed Authorship!
Gideons Banned From Military Bases-Fiction!
Dr. Jack Wheeler on Seal Team Rescue of Captain Phillips-Confirmed Authorship!
The aircraft carrier that thought a lighthouse was another ship-Fiction!
President Obama absent from the Arlington 2010 Memorial Day Ceremony-Truth!
Marines Helped Evacuate Children From Pentagon Day Care on 9/11-Fiction!
NBC Cuts Christ From Interview with the Widow of Fallen U.S. Navy Seal-Fiction!
Senate Passes Bill That Repeals Sodomy Laws in Uniform Military Code of Justice-Truth! But Removed From Final Bill
Shutdown Bars Priests from Celebrating Mass at Military Bases-Reported to be True!
Weapons Arsenal Found Near the Arizona Border-Fiction!
President Obama Hesitated to Give Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden-Fiction!
Transportation Security Inspectors Tough On Military With Nail Clippers-Fiction!
Christmas Wreaths At Arlington Cemetery-Truth!
The heroic actions of Marine Lt. Brian Chontosh in Iraq-Truth!
Pray for Chad, a soldier shot in the head in Iraq-Truth!
Man Jumped From an Altitude of 102,800 Feet Back to Earth-Truth!
President Obama Failed to Attend D-Day Ceremonies at Normandy-Fiction!
The Man Who Thanked the Sea Gulls-Eddie Rickenbacker-Truth! But Inaccurate Details!
President Obama Failed to Salute at Veterans Day Service-Fiction!
Pictorial response to John Kerry from GIs in Iraq-Truth!
Lt. Colonel Matthew Dooley's Class on Radical Islam Jeopardized His Career-Truth!
"Betrayal in Benghazi" by Colonel Phil Handley-Confirmed Authorship! but Altered!
Walter Reed Medical Center has Banned Religious Items-Truth! But Rescinded!
Ping Donates Golf Equipment to Wounded Veterans-Truth!
The story behind the military song "taps"-Fiction!
Military Hiring Muslim Brotherhood Chaplains by Allen West-Authorship Confirmed
Free cards to U.S. troops through Xerox?-Truth!
An Account Of A Ceremony That Takes Place Every Friday At The Pentagon-Truth!
Wounded Warriors Project Operational Expenses Outweighs Funds Given to Program Services-Fiction!
Vice President Dick Cheney's view of the military-Fiction!
72 people Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation in Massachusetts -Truth! If the date was April 20, 1775
The Private Train That Took Wounded Vets to the Army Navy Game in 2005-Truth!
Presidential Visit to Golf Course Rudely Delayed Other Players-Unproven!
Millions of dollars of gold bars found in Iraq-Fiction!
Petition To Award Purple Hearts to Soldiers Wounded or Killed in the Fort Hood Attack-Grass Roots Movement!
Military Protocols for Funerals Changed by Order of the White House-Fiction!
Jane Fonda's supported the enemy in Vietnam got American POW's killed-Truth! and Fiction!
Starbucks doesn't support the war in Iraq-Fiction!
Military Flyover at an Annual God and Country Rally Denied by the U. S. Air Force -Truth!
Shakeout of High Ranking Military Leaders-Truth!
U.S. Marines in Inaugural Parade Ordered to Disarm-Pending Investigation!
Some Motel 6 Will Only Rent Rooms To Those 21 and Over-Truth!
A New Navy Ship, the USS New York, is Partly Built With Steel From the Ruins of the World Trade Center-Truth!
Why No Salute By Obama At Medal Of Honor Ceremony?-Commentary!
Vet's Backlash Against President Obama-Grass Roots Movement!
Veterans carry school desks into history class-Truth!
Wear Red on Fridays-Grass Roots Movement
Soldier Takes Self Portrait in Car While Ditching Evening Colors-Truth!
Letter from a U.S. Sailor about the USS Cole-Unproven!
The worth of a military family-Truth! & Fiction!
The School Teacher Who Thought it was World War Eleven-Unproven!
Support the Wounded Veterans at Walter Reed-Fiction!
The List of Military Endorsements for Mitt Romney-Truth!
FEMA Corps Team Members Are the Modern Day Hitler Youth-Fiction!
The Obama administration plans to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the treatment service related injuries of military personnel  -Truth! -but Cancelled
Late Absentee Ballots From Military in Afghanistan Would Have Won the Election For Governor Mitt Romney-Fiction!
Fort Hood Shooter Still on Payroll-Truth!
President Obama Fired Navy Admiral for Responding to Attack-Fiction!
Ollie North warned of Osama Bin Laden-Fiction!
The German ship that honored Americans over losses to terrorists-Truth!
Pray For The 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines Called "Darkhorse" In Afghanistan-Truth!
West Point Report: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right-Truth!
National Defense Appropriations Act to End American Bill Of Rights- Unproven!
Near disaster of the Air Force Thunderbirds-Fiction!
Three US Navy Seals Charged With Assaulting an Accused Terrorist-Truth!
Teenage Girl Created a YouTube Video to Honor Our Troops-Truth!
Diary of a Marine's final flight home-Truth!
U.S. Marines Defending Embassy in Egypt Without Ammunition-Fiction!
Veterans can lose their weapons permit if they answer yes to three questions in a medical exam-Fiction!
WWII Memorial revises history in Roosevelt quotation-Fiction!
Department of Defense Procedures to Shut Up Civilians-Unproven!
Department of Defense to stop selling used military ammo casings to American ammo maker because they were going to sell it as scrap metal to China-Truth! But the directive was canceled!
President Obama Asking Military Leaders if They Will Fire on U.S. Citizens- Unproven!
New Obama policy prevented a decorated Serviceman from speaking at Catch a Dream event-Fiction!
500 Tons of Uranium Yellowcake Moved From Iraq to Canada-Truth!
Soldiers in a movie theater in Iraq finish an interrupted National Anthem-Truth!
Senator Feinstein Said That  "All Vets Are Mentally Ill"-Fiction!
Target Stores Won't Fund Veterans Projects-Fiction!
General Carter Ham Fired for Ignoring Stand Down Order- Fiction!
Pres. Bush Comforts Fallen Soldier's Family-Truth!
V.A. Hospital Refuses to Allow 'Merry Christmas' Cards-Fiction!
Mr. Rogers Was a Sniper In Vietnam-Fiction!
Prayer Request for David Kristynik in Iraq-Truth! But Inaccurate!
Iraqi statue honoring American soldiers-Truth!
Photo of President George W. Bush Dancing With Wounded Warrior-Truth! But Inaccurate Details!
"Saucy Jack"-A letter from a Marine on the front lines in Afghanistan-Unproven!
President George Bush Makes a Surprise Visit to Returning U.S. Troops-Truth!
The President and a soldier whose hand was amputated-Mostly Truth!
President Obama Delayed Thunderbirds Air Show Following Air Force Academy Graduation- Fiction!
President Bush Visited the Wounded After the Terrorist Attack at Ft. Hood-Truth!
ACLU Opposition to Marines Praying-Fiction!
Military Members Who Share Their Christian Faith Could Face Court Martial-Disputed!
China Has a New Multi-Hulled Aircraft Carrier-Truth! & Fiction!
Army Serving MRE's Instead of Hot Cooked Breakfasts to Troops in Afghanistan-Truth!
U.S. Government Purchase of Russian Helicopters for Afghan Air Force-Truth!
5 Nuclear Powered Carriers at Norfolk Navy Yard-Truth! But Inaccurate Details!
The ACLU has filed a suit to have all military cross shaped headstones removed- Fiction!
The Fall of Fortresses by Elmer Bendiner, and a Note Found in a Dud Shell -Truth!&  Fiction!
19 year old sniper and former cheerleader killed a Taliban bomber-Fiction!
General Peter Cosgrove Interview on Australian TV-Fiction!
Poetic justice?  U.S. relocating military bases-Truth!
Clinton may fly the Viet Nam flag higher than the U.S. Flag-Fiction!
Holiday Mail for Heroes-Truth!
The tooth that saved a soldier's life-Truth!
Courage at the Tomb of the Unknowns during Hurricane Isabel-Truth!
Stop To Salute-a Memorial Day Tribute written by a U.S. Army Captain-Truth!
Carrier pictures of secret new stealth fighter?-Fiction!
Appeal for prayer for the Iraqi elections from an Army chaplain-Unproven!
Request for National Memorial for Darrell "Shifty" Powers-  Grass Roots Effort!
The soldier's Christmas poem
Picture of a great white shark attacking a soldier hanging from a helicopter-Fiction!
Pictures of the sound barrier-Disputed!
Encounter with the president in Iraq-Truth!
Veteran CNN Reporter Breaks Down On The Air After Being Touched by the Quality of American Soldiers-Unproven!
Good news from a soldier in Iraq-Truth!
The returning Marine from Afghanistan who warmed the hearts of a real estate staff-Truth!
Good things in Iraq not being reported-Truth!, Fiction!, and Unproven!
Schwartzkopf's statement about God's appointment with Bin Laden-Unproven!
Pictures of huge dust storm in Iraq-Truth!
Sears is Providing Financially for Employees Who are Reservists on Active Duty-Truth!
Miracle Sand Storm in Iraq
The Real Deal-thoughts about terrorist warfare from a veteran-Truth!
The amazing WW II "piggyback" B-17 mid-air collision-Truth!
The POW confronts anti-war protestors in Moscow, Idaho-Fiction!
Old Pictures From a Brownie Camera of the Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941-Fiction!
Father of an Australian soldier thanks America-Unproven!
"I'm Sorry" from Lt. Gen. Chuck Pitman-Fiction!
The Pentagon was not struck by a hijacked jet on September 11-Fiction!
Colin Powell-All We Want is Land to Bury our Dead-Truth!
Openly Gay Military Unit Created by the Pentagon-Fiction! & Satire!
Puppy death recorded in video in Iraq-Truth!
ABC Reporter Favored GIs who Support Obama in Iraq-Fiction!
President Clinton watched golf instead of giving a decision on a critical attack against Iraq-Disputed!
Partial ejection from a Navy Jet-Truth!
Who packs your parachute?-Truth!
Sarah Palin  National Guard Commander-Truth!
Boycott Oscar Mayer for not supporting the troops-Fiction!
Military to Pledge Oath To Obama, Not Constitution-Fiction! and Satire!
Oliver North wrote an article that says according to the U.S. Government he is a right wing extremist-Truth!
Navy Seals rescuing Captain Richard Phillips from pirates were restricted by Obama's delays and rules of engagement - Fiction!
The moving military funeral of Navy SEAL Mike Monsoor-Truth!
NPR interview with General Reinwald-Fiction!
Monopoly Used To Assist WWII POW Escapes-Truth!
"It's Not About Sex"-an open letter to Bill Clinton from a veteran-Truth!
Three Nazi Bunkers Unearthed in Denmark-Truth!
Environmental fears over Navy sonar-Truth!
Marines applauded by passengers on delayed flight-Unproven!
AF response to a complaint of jet noise at an air base in Arizona-Truth!
Confrontation between a French Army officer and a U.S. Marine in Bosnia-Unproven!
Mass Re-enlistment on July 4th-Truth!
USMC Base Bans Anti-Islamic Decals-Truth!
A List of Supplies that Marines Would Appreciate in Iraq-Truth!...But Not So Fast!
Prayer request for soldier Matt Maupin-Truth!
The Story of Mark Eklund, the former Catholic school student killed in Vietnam-Truth!
Fancy paint job on American helicopter in Afghanistan?-Fiction!
John McCain's Marine Son-Truth!  But Obama quote is Fiction!
There Were More Military Deaths During The Clinton Presidency Than During the George W. Bush Presidency-Fiction!
Controversial survey of U.S. troops-Fiction!
Marines show more respect to Bush than to Clinton-Fiction!
Accusations against John Kerry from Former Navy Swift Boat crewmen from the Vietnam War-Truth!, Fiction! & Disputed!
The origins of "Kilroy Was Here"-Unproven!
John Kerry's anti-war past-Truth! and "Unproven!
Koran 9:11 refers to the war in iraq?-Fiction!
Jones Juice may cause you to fail drug tests-Fiction!
Giant military jet stranded over roadway-Truth!
Military Service of Jeremiah Wright-Truth!
Picture of a U.S. soldier shaking hands with Hillary Clinton but not happy about it-Truth!
Obama Administration Orders U.S. Relief Forces In Haiti Not To Fly Flag-Truth!
The Account of Former Navy Seal Christopher Hebon-Truth!
Donating miles to military personnel on furlough-Truth!
Air Force General Richard Hawley's comments on the Attack on America-Fiction!
Hillary Clinton inconvenienced U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan-Unproven!
Advanced Russian fighters found in the sand in Iraq-Truth!
Correspondence Between a Naval Officer and His Superiors in 1870-Fiction!
Picture of American soldier comforting a wounded little girl in Iraq-Truth!
The meaning of the folding of the American flag-Truth! & Fiction!
Gun Registration at Fort Campbell-Truth! but no longer policy!
Special GI insurance dividend for veterans-Fiction!
Jane Fonda and Ted Turner kicked out of Montana restaurant?-Fiction!
U.S. Congressional Representative asked General Petraeus about carbon emissions reduction in the war on terror- Fiction!
Jet fighters' formation spells USA-Fiction!
Gloomy report from a reporter in Baghdad-Truth!
Pictures of an F-15 jet coming apart during flight-Animation!
Soldier's message in Iraq spelled out in flags-A Joke!
John Denver an Army Sniper? - Fiction!
A military draft in 2005?-Fiction!
Getting to Know John McCain by Karl Rove-Truth!
Denzel Washington spontaneously paid for a new Fisher House at Brooke Army Medical Center-Fiction! But he later came through!
Actor Don Adams was in the Marines and the only member of his unit to surivive a WW II battle-Truth! & Unproven!
Entertainer Martha Raye was a U.S. Army nurse and held the rank of Colonel-Truth! & Fiction!
"Middle East Imperative" by General Cash-Truth! but an Opinion!
Actress Cindy Williams is against military pay raises-Fiction!
Chinese Submarine Launched Missile Off California Coast-Unproven!
The 9/11 widow who visited Iraq-Truth!
Anti War Activist Cindy Sheehan did not really rear her Army Soldier son-Fiction!
Stories of respect from and for President Bush-Truth! & Fiction!
Manager took down flags that were placed in front of his bank property to honor a fallen US Marine-Truth!
Butch and Eddie O'Hare-Truth!
Six Brave Soldiers-Truth!
President Bush's hospital salute to a soldier injured in the terrorist crash into the pentagon-Truth!
"Freezing the balls off the brass monkey," a Navy phrase about cannon balls-Fiction!
George W. Bush a deserter from the military?-Disputed!
The Day that pilots from Coca-Cola and the Navy's Blue Angels saved a little girl's life-Fiction!
Airline passengers who gave up their seats for U.S. Soldiers-Truth!
Baker Company photo trribute to 9-11-Truth!
Berkeley and the Marines-Truth!
On the First Anniversary of 9/11, drive with headlights shining-Grass Roots Effort!
Good news from Baghdad-Unproven!
America Wake Up-a speech on terrorism by a Navy Captain-Truth!
Secret Service prohibited Midshipmen from wearing ceremonial swords to their graduation ceremony-Fiction! not part of the uniform!
Ann-Margret's tribute to American Vets-Truth!