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Worms or Maggots Found in Huggies Diapers – Truth!
Purdon, Texas, Quarantined After Ebola Outbreak-Fiction!
Ebola is Spreading in the U.S. with a 2nd Confirmed Case-Truth!
Hitler’s Gun Control Laws Led to the Holocaust – Disputed!
White Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillars Are Poisonous-Truth!
iPhone 6 Ebola Scare
Hole Under Lock Car Break-ins-Truth!
McDonald's Busted for Human Meat Fillers-Fiction!
Pronged Collars Should be Banned Because They are Harmful to Dogs-Fiction!
An Evil Sign in Dearborn, Michigan-Fiction!
There Was Widespread Voter Fraud in the 2012 Presidential Election-Fiction!
Hyland's Teething Tablets Recall-Previously Truth!  Now Ended!
Radical Islamic Group ISIS Beheading Christian Children in Iraq-Truth!
Telephone Calls from Computer Virus Removal Services- Scam!
Navy Directive Bans Bibles from Hotel Rooms on Bases-Previously Truth! Now Ended!
New Facebook Messenger App Warning-Truth!
Edible Arrangements CEO Supports Hamas-Fiction!
Heartbleed Bug Vulnerability Warning-Truth!
Rip Off at the Gas Pumps-Unproven!
CAIR Instructs Home Depot on How to Make Stores More Sharia-Compliant-Disputed!
Single Volcano Erased Years of Carbon Dioxide Reduction Efforts-Fiction!
McDonald’s Uses Worm Meat Fillers-Fiction!
Red Bull Increases Heart Attacks & Strokes-Fiction!
CNN Top 10 Stories -Virus!
Your Windows Live! Account Will Be Deactivated Unless You Respond With Personal Information-Phishing!
"Beezing" Trend Among Teens-Truth!
Wash your Undies!
Arizona Protest Sign Threatens Violence to Peace Officers-Disputed!
Parasites infesting the breast from new bras-Fiction!
Zabasearch-a new site that probably has your name, address, and phone number-Truth!
Warning About Inflammatory Breast Cancer-Truth!
Beware of New Poisonous Spiders In the United States-Fiction!
Violent Gang Initiation Warning at Wal-Mart-Fiction!
Beware of Emailed Faxes Allegedly From eFax Corporation. They Could Result in Malware Infection -Virus!
Deaths From Soda Cans Contaminated With Rat Urine-Fiction!
Potassium Iodide Purchased by U.S. for Fukushima Leak-Unproven! & Conspiracy Theory!
A poisoned sponge is coming in the mail from terrorists-Fiction!
Senate Bill seeks to regulate "grass roots" lobbying-Truth! But Overturned!
Move over for flashing lights in Texas-Truth!
Woman Finds A Deep-Fried Chicken Head in Her Order of Fried Chicken at McDonald's-Unproven!
Merchants Warning Customers About Possible Spam Attacks After Marketing Firm Security Breech-Truth!
Dollar Bills Circulating with "No God But Allah" Stamped on Their Backs-Unproven!
Forwarded Video of the Consequences of Texting While Driving-Truth! but a Dramatization!
Muslim Clerics to Replace Rejected Cardinal for Democratic Convention Prayer-Fiction!
List of Facts and Figures about Illegal Immigration-Mostly Fiction!
WhatsApp Notification of a Voice Message-Virus!
Gangs Using Baby Car Seats to Stop Motorists-Fiction!
Military Hiring Muslim Brotherhood Chaplains by Allen West-Authorship Confirmed
Yahoo Wants You to Update Your Account Information-Phishing!
A Funeral Notice by Email -Virus!
Aspartame, The Ingredient of NutraSweet, is Linked to Increased Reports of Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus-Disputed!
Red Bull Energy Drinks Contain Bull Sperm-Fiction!
RFID Implanted in Wyoming Students-Fiction!
Skin injury from thongs purchased at Wal-Mart-Truth!
Warning of Valentine Virus-Truth!
Nazi Eyewitness Warns America Not to Let Freedom Slip Away -Commentary!
Video Exposes Tacoma Housing Project For Illegal Aliens and Refugees- Fiction!
Talking Angela iPhone App Warning- Fiction!
Citgo is owned by Venezuela whose President is anti-U.S.-Truth?
Forward an email or else you will die-Fiction!
"Facebook Invitation", "Black in the White House," "Invitation" or "Olympic Torch" Virus Warning-Fiction!
Malicious DNS Changer Trojan May Block Your Internet Access-Truth!
L.A. Sheriff Department Warns Of Gang Tactics Used To Get Drivers To Pull Over-Fiction!
Warning about a scam to steal your identity through the mail-Truth!
Smart Meters are Spying on Homeowners-Fiction!
Starkist is Now Korean and Packaging Farmed Tuna from China-Truth! & Fiction!
Cockroach eggs in taco meat-Fiction!
WalMart Cash Back Scam-Fiction!
Use Wasp Spray to Stop an Assailant as a Criminal Deterrent-Disputed!
Warning about Homemade Bottle Bombs made with Soda Bottles and Household Products-Truth!
Tax Refund Notification From IRS-Virus!
Giant Squid Washes up on Santa Monica Beach-Fiction!
Department of Defense Procedures to Shut Up Civilians-Unproven!
Target Stores Won't Fund Veterans Projects-Fiction!
Emailed Important Notice From Target-Possible Virus!
The "Triangle of Life" can save your life during an earthquake-Disputed!
Homeland Security Warns to Disable Java in Computers-Truth!
GPS Explodes After Overheating–Fiction!
Second Degree Chemical Burns from Huggies Diapers-Unproven!
Avoid Ultra Clorox Bleach...it's poisonous-Fiction!
"America as the Last Man Standing" by Geert Wilders-Commentary!
Warning that a message offering pictures of Osama Bin Laden's death are viruses-Truth! and Fiction!
Elderly Woman Used as Bait by a Rapist-Fiction!
Veterans can lose their weapons permit if they answer yes to three questions in a medical exam-Fiction!
"Here You Have" Email With a Link That Could Infect Your Computer-Virus!
New guns that look like cell phones-Truth!
Buy a car from a millionaire's estate of 4000 cars-Unproven!
Be Cautious Giving Information To Census Takers-Truth!
African Americans will lose voting rights in 2007-Fiction!
The restaurant steak contaminated by urine-Fiction!
Radical Muslims Predicted to Attack Los Angeles-Fiction!
Internet Clean Up Day-Fiction!
Cockroaches found in the mouth of a woman who licked an envelope infested with roach eggs-Fiction!
Michigan Department of Treasury story about an IRS scam warning-Truth! and Fiction!
A virus for the cell phone-Fiction!
Beware of a person online named SLAVEMASTER-Truth! and Fiction!
Photo of the Dead Osama Bin Laden-Fiction! and Possible Virus!
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories-Pending Investigation!
Secret government spying on laptops?-Fiction!
Warnings about HB-3200: Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare-Fiction!
Injuries on children caused by cleaning "erasers"-Truth! & Fiction!
ObamaCare Enforces Mandatory Home Inspections by Government Workers- Disputed!
Use BCC for group emails-Truth!
Boycott Whole Foods Market Because They Support Hamas-Fiction!
Petition for Zimbabwe women-Fiction!
Snooping Mosques in U.S. Off Limits to NSA & FBI-Reported to be Truth!
Zicam Nose Spray Can Kill Your Sense of Smell-Disputed!
Boycott Exxon and Mobil?-Fiction!
HIV-infected needles in the handles of gas pumps In Florida or New York-Fiction!
Boycott Petro Express because it's owned by Hugo Chavez-Fiction!
eMails Advertising Insurance May Lead to Computer Virus-Truth!
Man Said He Was Assaulted While Using His Camera In the Presence of Veiled Muslim Women in Toronto Public Square-Truth!
Nostradamus predicted the World Trade Center terrorism-Fiction!
Cancer can be caused by foods in plastics and that's how Sheryl Crow got cancer-Fiction! and Unproven!
FEMA Coffins and Internment Camps-Fiction! & Unproven Conspiracy Theory!
The WTC Survivor or WTC virus-Fiction!
Beware of a Short Email, Even if From Someone You Know, That Simply Asks You to Click a Link, It Could Infect Your Computer- Virus Warning!
Invitations to Join the Social Network LinkedIn- Virus!
Scammers Using Clever Schemes to Try to Get Your Personal Financial Information-Truth!
The way you drink water can cause deadly disease-Mostly Unproven!
Veteran Complained to Lowe's After Discovering That They Were Selling American Flag Doormats-Truth! but Inaccurate Details!
Tampax Pearl Tampons
CFL Light Bulb Warning
Toxic tampons-Fiction!
Gangs Using Children to Lure Victims-Fiction!
Vitamin-C and Shrimp are a poisonous combination-Fiction!
Email says you've got a shipment waiting from UPS-Virus!
Distribute Money for the U.N.
Beware of lipstick with lead-Fiction!
Scam Artists Can Trick You Into Dialing "90#" on Your Phone And Use Your Line For Long Distance Calls -Truth!  & Fiction!
Create an entry in your address book to avoid spreading viruses-Fiction!
Cell phones have caused explosions at gas stations-Fiction!
FDA Warning on Chicken Jerky Treats For Dogs From China-Truth!
Facebook No Religion or Swearing Campaigns-Fiction!
The Mondex chip for the right hand and forehead-Mostly Fiction!
Stolen UPS uniforms being sold on eBay-Fiction!
Facebook releasing members photos to third party advertisers-Fiction!
H.R. 2847 Expected to Cause U.S. Dollar to Collapse-Unproven!
Virus Alert-Infection in Windows via Images-Truth!
72 people Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation in Massachusetts -Truth! If the date was April 20, 1775
Wounded Warriors Project Operational Expenses Outweighs Funds Given to Program Services-Fiction!
The FCC has approved widespread use of the F-word in broadcasts-Truth! & Fiction!
Federal Communications Commission To Adopt Rules For Government Internet Regulation-Truth!
Gerber Recalling Banana Baby Food Owing to the Discovery of Pieces of Glass in Some Products- Fiction!
Put an "ICE" entry in your cell phone for emergencies-Truth!
Home Fires Sparked By 9 Volt Batteries in Junk Drawer-Truth!
Warning about Formosan Termites-Fiction!
Your vehicle identification number can lead to a stolen car-Truth! & Fiction!
The killer who uses the sound of a crying baby to lure victims-Fiction!
The "friendlygreetings" e-card that acts like a virus-Truth!
One Ring Call From a Foreign Country Warning-Truth!
Emailed Pleas For Donations For Japan Earthquake Relief May Be A Scam-Truth!
Treating Burns With Flour Has Miraculous Results- Fiction!
Energy Saving Bulb Dangers–Fiction!
CA-125 Cancer test is the best way to screen for Ovarian cancer-Fiction!
Scam Artists Are Working out of Area Code 809, 284, or 876-Truth! & Fiction! 
Do not call list for cell phone numbers?-Fiction!
Butterball Turkeys Sold in the U.S.A. Are Blessed by Allah and Halal Certified-Fiction!
Capri Sun Mold Warning-Truth!
Lock your car manually, not with the wireless remote-Fiction!
Women and Children in Portions of Africa are Being Sexually Violated by Men Who Believe That Sex With a Virgin will Cure Their AIDS-Truth!
ABC-insulting letter to TV viewer-Truth!
Your Craigslist Account has been Blocked!- Phishing Scam!
Dangerous gas in car air conditioners is causing lung cancer and Alzheimer's disease-Fiction!
Abduction Warnings and Tips-Unproven! & Fiction!
Cell phone cameras being used at check stands?-Unproven!
Woman poisoned by a business card soaked with the Colombian drug burundanga-Unproven!
New method being used by carjackers-Fiction!
Bitstrips App a Secret Spyware for NSA-Fiction! & Satire!
10,856 Blacks Were Killed By Other Blacks in 503 Days in U.S.-Fiction!
An Automated Phone Call Alerting You That You Lost Your ATM Card- Phishing Scam!
Beware of Car Jackers Who Leave a Piece of Paper on Your Rear Window-Fiction!
Popping Corn with Cell Phones?-Fiction!
A Video Warning About Personal Information Being Requested By Census Takers- Commentary!!
Use #77 of #677 on your cell phone to reach law enforcement-Partly Truth!
Girl Scout Cookies Fund Planned Parenthood-Fiction!
Fox Business Channel Warning about E15 Gasoline-Confirmed Authorship!
Trojan Virus Has Infected Over Half a Million Macintosh Computers-Truth!
Pictures of a victim of brown reclusive spider bite-Unproven!
Canadian Revenue Agency Warning-Phishing Scam!
Abercrombie & Fitch boycott-Truth!
China Has a New Multi-Hulled Aircraft Carrier-Truth! & Fiction!
112 is the Emergency Number worldwide for Cell Phones-Fiction!
Harmful Levels of Benzene Build Up in Parked Automobiles-Fiction!
Canola oil is not a healthy choice for cooking-Disputed!
Reports of cell phone fires-Truth! & Unproven!
Letter warns of check fraud using cell phone cameras at Wal-Mart-Fiction!
A Complaint Has Been Filed Against You With The Better Business Bureau-Fiction! & Scam!
Be Sure to Press "Clear" at the Gas Pump to Prevent Being Overcharged-Fiction!
The killer who uses a $5 bill to lure victims-Fiction!
Call the police to an ATM machine by entering your PIN backwards-Fiction!
Actor Charlie Sheen Found Dead at Home Video Could Infect Your Computer With a Virus- Scam!
"A Card for You", "Virtual Card For You", or "Postcard" Virus Warning or hoax-Fiction! & Truth!
A List of New California Laws effective July 1-Mostly Fiction!
George Soros' Evil Plan of Buying Up American Gun and Ammunitions Companies- Fiction!
Jerry Falwell Protested Amazon.com for Selling Pedophile Book -Previously Truth! Now Ended!
Halloween, 2001 Rumors of planned terrorism at malls-Fiction!
Beware of potential pollution from certain candles-Truth!
36 Cities Dump U.S. Dollar for Thomas Edison's Monetary System- Unproven!
U.N. Disarmament Commission Study on Military Grade Weapons in U.S.-Fiction!
Warning About SweetCaliGuy4evr, a killer online-Fiction!
Pets dying from Swiffer Wetjet-Fiction!
Speeding ticket frenzy by law enforcement?-Fiction!
Stretching TV standards-Truth!
Toilet paper shortage because of brush fires in California?-Fiction!
Teens playing "Spunkball" or "Sparkball" may set you on fire-Fiction!
Deputy Attorney General Designate David Ogden Drafting a Gun Ban Against Seniors- Fiction! & Satire!
January 5 Sober Virus Threat-Truth!
sircam@mm Virus
The Petroleum Equipment Institute report on gasoline fires started by sparks-Truth!
The Sober Worm Virus
sulfnbk.exe virus warning-Fiction!
Stolen license plates used to steal gas-Unproven!
Poisonous shampoo?-Fiction
Straight Ticket Voting Warning-Depends on Where You Vote!
There Will Be No Cost of Living Increase in 2010 for those receiving Social Security-Truth!
Warnings of an Illegal Methamphetamine Substance Called "Strawberry Quick"-Truth!
Labor Union Tells Supporters to Vote For U.S. Flag Ban on Fox News Poll-Fiction!
Virus that pretends to be a Red Cross request for donations-Truth!
The Real Deal-thoughts about terrorist warfare from a veteran-Truth!
The IRS is going to require guns to be listed on income tax forms-Fiction!
E.coli bacteria found in bagged salads?-Truth!
Small Radio Chips used to Track Products-Truth!
Haiti Made a Pact with the Devil-Disputed!
Beheadings of deputies in San Diego County?-Fiction!
Dog Owner experianced problems with ProMeris Flea and Tick Treatment-Depends on How It is Used!
Social Security for Illegal Immigrants who have not contributed?  Fiction!
PayPal wants you to update your financial information-Fiction!
Congress is going to tax email messages-Fiction!
Poisonous perfume arriving in homes by mail-Fiction!
Warnings about propane tanks used for making meth-Truth!
Perfume peddlers using ether to knock people out and rob them-Was Fiction!  Now a copycat incident may have taken place!
FDA Warning About Certain Jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter-Truth!
House destroyed by plug-in air fresheners-Fiction! But Other Info!
Popular substance in cold medications pulled from the shelves-Truth! & Fiction!
Beware of toxic pumpkins with deadly vapors-Fiction!
Progesterex-the new date-rape drug-Fiction!
Poinsettia plants are poison to children and pets-Fiction!
Severe burns on a man's hands from a hand sanitizer fire?-Fiction!
Scam to get your credit card number-Scam!
Digital Photocopiers Have Internal Hard Drives That Store Scanned Documents, Which Could Place Your Personal Information at Risk-Truth!
Boycott Middle Eastern oil-Truth! & Fiction!
State Of Michigan Using Radar in Construction Trucks with Radar to Catch Speeders- Fiction!
You may lose your bank deposit insurance-Fiction!
Take action by July 1 to prevent your personal information from being sold by financial institutions-Truth! & Fiction!
New CD-ROM computer game features panty raids-Truth!
Boycott Oscar Mayer for not supporting the troops-Fiction!
Noted Narcissism Expert Wrote that Barack Obama Appears to be a Narcissist - Truth! & Fiction!
The woman who died of Paget's disease of the nipple-Unproven!
14-year-old boy who had a scary experience with old pancake mix-Unproven! But Could be True!
Gleneagles Hospital Warning of Poisonous Perfume Arriving in Homes by Mail-Fiction!
NutraSweet is linked to increased reports of multiple sclerosis and lupus-Disputed!
Last words of drivers in fatal auto crashes-Fiction!
Obama Sex Video or Acceptance Speech Video Could Be Infected With Spyware-Truth!
The "NO FEAR" clothing logos are actually racist symbols-Fiction!
The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act-Fiction!
Violating Move-Over Laws May Result in Heavy Fines-Truth! & Fiction!
MS-13 Gang Initiation Warning-Fiction!
Warning That a New Virus is Activated by Using F1 Key in Windows-Truth!
Avoiding MSN Hackers-Fiction!
Muslims Gather Every Friday in the Streets of New York City to Pray-Fiction!
Nickelodeon-program about homosexuality?-Truth?
HIV infected needles found in theater seats-Fiction!
HIV infected needle at McDonald's in the ball pit-Fiction!
Save MSN Messaging-Fiction!
Mayo Clinic Cardiologist Suggestions for Treating and Preventing Heart Attacks-Fiction!
The Mexican Mafia is targeting black men for death-Unproven!
Water in a microwave can be dangerous-Truth!
Money from Saudi Arabian McDonald's helping terrorists-Fiction!
Melamine Scare In Milk Chocolate Coins-Truth!
California City Goes Broke Because it is a Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens-Unproven!
Abductions of women from shopping malls-Fiction!
Retailers urging Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas?-Truth! & Fiction!
Michael Jackson Viruses-Truth!
Microsoft virus warning-Fiction!
Merry Christmas Virus-Fiction!
Mail Server Virus-Truth! & Fiction!
Klingerman Virus is coming to people's homes in blue envelopes-Fiction!
HIV Blood in a Ketchup Dispenser at a Fast Food Restaurant-Fiction!
Life is Beautiful Virus-Fiction!
The tourist who woke up with no kidneys-Fiction!
New Facebook Virus “spreading like wildfire”-Virus!
Beware of crooks who use a technique to get your ATM card-Truth!
Liz Claiborne is actually a Satanist who gives proceeds to Satanism-Fiction!
Hotel key cards being used for identity theft?-Fiction!
Lemon Fresh Joy detergent kills mosquitoes-Fiction!
The Phone Call you Got About Jury Duty May be From Crooks-Truth!
Jones Juice may cause you to fail drug tests-Fiction!
jdbgmgr.exe virus warning-Fiction!
Don't drink certain soft drink brands after July 3-Fiction!
Hacker Alerts naming people who can harm your computer-Fiction!
Have you been targeted by an assassin?
HIV needles found in soft drink machines-Fiction
Four-year old girl intoxicated from hand sanitizer-Truth!
Gun maker Says Dell refused to sell him a computer-Truth!
The Government is banning organic Farming-Fiction!
Gas Rationing because of Hurricane Katrina?-Fiction!
Medical Insurance Contributions to be Recorded on W-2 Forms and Added to Taxable Income-Fiction!
It Takes Guts to say Jesus Virus-Fiction!
More kids going into Satanism because of Harry Potter books-Fiction!
Hotmail will shut down if you don't forward an email about it-Fiction!
Fuji Film left Israel off a map that is being distributed to customers-Fiction!
A Thank You from Google For Submitting  Your Resume-Virus!
Use Those Gift Cards Quickly-Truth! & Fiction!
Gift Card Scam Warning-Truth!
Gang members hiding in the back seats of cars to kidnap women-Mostly Fiction!
The "good" virus that pretends to help, but doesn't-Truth!
Boycott gas stations to protest rising fuel prices?-Grass Roots Effort & Fiction!
Virus in an email that claims to be from the Federal Trade Commission
Mapping telephone numbers on Google-Truth!
Some General Motors Car Keys Can open other cars-Truth!
Don't flash your headlights at other motorists-Fiction!
Ford Motor Company's support of Gay and Lesbian causes-Truth!
Gel candles are exploding and causing injuries-Fiction!
New Federal ID Number-Under the Skin of the Hand?-Fiction!
The FCC proposes charging extra for Internet access-Fiction!
Family Tree Maker version 9 genealogy software Is spyware-Fiction!
The killer who offers to help change flat tires at malls-Fiction!
Fragrance Product Line Named FCUK-Truth!
Flashing "IM" in AOL Instant Messenger is a virus-Fiction!
FBI Storm Worm Virus Warning-Truth!
There Are Spy Cameras Inside Digital TV Converter Boxes-Fiction!
Haiti Disaster Relief Information- Alert!
Foreign toothpaste at U.S. discount stores-Truth!
Certain Dryer Softener Sheets can Clog your Lint Filter-Truth!
Kyle, the 14-year-old who died inhaling Dust-Off-Truth!
Website That Offers a Search of U.S. Driver's Licenses-Fiction!
Warnings About A Chemical That Is Found In Just About Everything We Consume- Humorous Social Experiment!
Don't drink Coca-Cola products after September 5, 2002-Fiction!
Don't use cruise control in the rain-Truth!
Cocoa Mulch Contains an Ingredient Harmful to Pets-Truth!
Email from Delta Airlines regarding your Ticket Purchase - Fiction!  It is a Virus! 
Your Craigslist Account Has Been Temporarily Disabled-Phishing!
Woman in Main who was drugged and raped-Fiction!
Four-year-old abducted in store, hair shaved, clothes changed-Fiction!
Condoms In Hair Bands From China - Reported to be Truth!
CONFICKER or DOWNADUP Virus and the April 1 Super Strain -Virus!
Deadly Snow Snakes in Ohio and Pennsylvania-Fiction!
Child's body used for smuggling drugs into the U.S.-Fiction!
Dog Owner Claims His Dog's Tongue Had to be Amputated After Playing With a Defective Pet Toy-Truth!
A warning  from Glenn Beck about the privacy statement on the www.cars.gov website-Truth!  But the privacy policy was changed!
Budweiser Frogs Screen Saver Virus-Fiction!
Lock bumping-a threat to home or office security-Truth!
Breast cancer can be caused by underarm antiperspirants-Disputed!
Islam in California Schools-Truth! and Fiction!
Best Buy Restock Fee-Truth!
Bananas from Costa Rica infected with flesh eating bacteria-Fiction!
Bathroom Robbery
Your credit card has been used on the BestBuy website-Fiction!
Blue Mountain greeting card virus-Fiction!
Photos of Trash in the Arizona Desert Left Behind by Illegal Immigrants-Truth!
Arizona Billboard Directs Illegal Immigrants To California-Fiction!
Ants can invade your brain, so don't eat sweets at bedtime-Fiction!
AOL Virus-Forward an email to protect yourself from it-Fiction!
AOL Instant Messaging will disappear if you don't forward emails about it-Fiction!
Amazon.Com Has Successfully Canceled Your Order- Phishing!
A New Coin Called the "Amero" Is Being Minted As The Future Currency Of The U.S.A.-Fiction!
AOL commercial email tax?-Truth!
AIDS infected needle in soft drink machine-Fiction!
18 States Are Attempting to Implement "Micro-Stamp Encoding" on Fire Arms and Ammunition-Truth!
AOL Is Splitting from the Internet and setting up its own technology-Fiction!
Anthrax-deaths associated with a particular kind of envelope-Fiction!
Anybirthday.com-crooks using the site for identity theft-Fiction!
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