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Anthrax Information Page

ISIS Symbol on Back of person in Houston Deli-Pending Investigation!
Muslim Shirt Depicting Twin Towers in Flames–Unproven!
The Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated The White House-Unproven!
A Democrat criticizes the 9/11 Commission-Truth!
Petition to encourage families affected by the terrorism-Discontinued!
A New Navy Ship, the USS New York, is Partly Built With Steel From the Ruins of the World Trade Center-Truth!
Marines Helped Evacuate Children From Pentagon Day Care on 9/11-Fiction!
"You Worry Me," an Editorial by an American Airlines Pilot-Truth!
Use a steam iron on anthrax-Not Recommended!
Photo of the Dead Osama Bin Laden-Fiction! and Possible Virus!
Charlie Daniels song "This Ain't No Rag, It's a Flag."-Truth!
Candlelight vigil on the Friday after 9/11-Truth!
9/11 Survivor stories: Adam Mayblum-Truth!
4,000 Israelis did not show up for work on the day of the WTC attacks-Fiction!
The German ship that honored Americans over losses to terrorists-Truth!
Store Closed to Commemorate the Martyrdom of a 9/11 Terrorist- Fiction!
U.S. Marines Defending Embassy in Egypt Without Ammunition-Fiction!
The worth of a military family-Truth! & Fiction!
First Lady's Negative Comment About the Flag During a 9-11 Memorial Ceremony-Fiction!
Email petition to encourage victims of 9/11-Fiction!
Letter to the Editor From Radio and Television Minister Charles Stanley about the Terrorists-Fiction!
Daisy the dog that saved nearly 1,000 people on 9/11-Fiction!
Charlie Daniels' article about the Taliban prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba-Truth!
Legislation to end visas for all Iranian students-Fiction!
Iranian pilot of hijacked flight 93 to be presented with Medal of Honor-Fiction!
The last picture from atop the World Trade Center-Fiction!
The hospitality of Gander, Newfoundland to stranded airline passengers on September 11-Truth!
Astrologer predicted the World Trade Center attack-Fiction!
Ollie North warned of Osama Bin Laden-Fiction!
Media Missed Sniper Attack on California Power Plant-Truth!
Vermont teddy bears for terrorist victims-Truth!
Nostradamus predicted the World Trade Center terrorism-Fiction!
The Uniformed Firefighters Association for donations?-Truth!
Stolen UPS uniforms being sold on eBay-Fiction!
Minster T.D. Jakes and the President-Truth! and Fiction!
Snooping Mosques in U.S. Off Limits to NSA & FBI-Reported to be Truth!
Photos of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens Dragged Through the Streets- Fiction!
Pilot Was Ready to Take Down Flight 93 on September 11, 2001 By Ramming The Hijacked Airliner With Her F-16 Jet Fighter-Truth!
An Article on "What is an American" -Truth!
Pepsi decided to remove the words "Under God" from a patriotic soft drink can-Fiction!
Beautiful picture of the sun shining between the World Trade Center towers-Truth!
A poisoned sponge is coming in the mail from terrorists-Fiction!
The Controversy of Juval Aviv- Truth! and Unproven!
Boycott of Estee Lauder called by Palestinians-Truth!
Various Rumors about the Terrorist Attack at the 2013 Boston Marathon
President: Camel in the butt quote-True
ABC News Bans Flag Lapel Pins
The new September 11 postage stamp-Fiction!
Halloween, 2001 Rumors of planned terrorism at malls-Fiction!
Muslim Mayhem on AirTran Jetliner-Truth! & Fiction!
Letter written by an Afghani-American after September 11-Truth!
Airline pilot who asked his passengers to take action if hijacked-Truth!
"Saucy Jack"-A letter from a Marine on the front lines in Afghanistan-Unproven!
9/11 Survivor stories: Chaplain Seth Castleman-Truth!
9/11 The Survival Story of Cary Sheih-Truth!
Starbucks makes rescue workers buy water for survivors of the WTC collapse-Truth!
9/11 Survivor stories: Sujo and Mini-Truth!
9/11 Survivor Stories: Stanley Praimnath-Truth!
9/11 Survivor stories: Usman Farman-Unproven!
9/11 Survivor stories: Mike in D.C.-Unproven!
The survivor of the World Trade Center collapse who rode the debris down-Fiction!
The returning Marine from Afghanistan who warmed the hearts of a real estate staff-Truth!
Schwartzkopf's statement about God's appointment with Bin Laden-Unproven!
Rented trucks stolen by presumed terrorists-Fiction!
Virus that pretends to be a Red Cross request for donations-Truth!
Russia Gave The US a 9/11 Memorial-Truth!
The Real Deal-thoughts about terrorist warfare from a veteran-Truth!
Bible found unharmed at the Pentagon after 9/11-Unproven!
The POW confronts anti-war protestors in Moscow, Idaho-Fiction!
The Pentagon was not struck by a hijacked jet on September 11-Fiction!
Comment about Bush after 9/11 by Peter Jennings-Fiction!
Purple ribbons to mark 9/11-Unproven!
Outback Steakhouses serve dinner with all the trimmings to troops in Afghanistan-Truth!
Two instant messages warned of the World Trade Center attacks before they happened-Fiction!
Rosie O'Donnell likens radical Christians to radical Moslems-Truth!
President Clinton watched golf instead of giving a decision on a critical attack against Iraq-Disputed!
Green Party official targeted By airport officials and blocked from flight-Disputed!
Osama Vs Bush Virus-Fiction!
The Romanian Newspaper editorial celebrating America-Truth!
Boycott Middle Eastern oil-Truth! & Fiction!
The significance of the number 11 in the Attack on America
Not Only Were the Events of 9/11 Overwhelming, but so were the Rumors-Special Article
Statement about Hitler By Muhammad Ali at ground zero-Fiction!
Florida business removes American flags from workers' desks-Truth!
The British commentator's remarks about 9/11-Truth!
Muslim Family Day at Six Flags Amusement Parks-Truth!
The 9/11 survival story of Michael Hingson and his dog-Truth!
Report of meeting with the President from author Max Lucado-Truth!
London is a Target for terrorism on October 22, 2001-Fiction!
Koran 9:11 refers to the war in iraq?-Fiction!
Controversy over the use of 9/11 donations by a charity in New York-Truth! But Resolved!
Klingerman Virus is coming to people's homes in blue envelopes-Fiction!
The Military Wife and Anti-war Talk
Forward an email for Jasmine-Fiction!
Don't drink certain soft drink brands after July 3-Fiction!
The 9/11 story of Robert Matthews-Fiction!
The Judge and the Shoe Bomber-Truth!
Hijacker on 9/11 was held by Clinton or Reagan, but released-Fiction!
Sean Hannity Reported on Islamic Training Camps in the US-Truth!
Media Ignoring Protest Over Mosque Planned Near New York's Ground Zero-Fiction!
Gum arabic and Osama bin Ladin
Air Force General Richard Hawley's comments on the Attack on America-Fiction!
Canadian Gordon Sinclair's commentary on America-Truth!
Golden Corral restaurants leave God out of "God Bless America"-Fiction!
Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, views on September 11-Truth!
Unpatriotic acts that outrage Americans in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks-Truth!
The terrorist flight number that tells the story in graphics-Fiction!
Muslim Stamp by U.S. Postal Service Commemorates Muslim Holidays-Truth! & Fiction!
Satanic pictures at the World Trade Center attack-Not a hoax!
Florida allows a Muslim woman to have a drivers license photo with her head covered-Fiction!
Fort Hood Suspect Nidal Hasan Was An Advisor In Obama's Homeland Security Team-Fiction!
Unpatriotic activities at Dunkin Donuts-Fiction!
Concerns over the distribution of donations collected for victims of September 11-Truth!
Charlie Daniels' letter to Hollywood Stars Who Are Against War with Iraq-Truth!
The album cover that seemed to anticipate the World Trade Center Attack-Truth!
Suspicious purchases of candy at Costco stores in New Jersey after 9/11-Truth!
A poem about little Christine Hanson, a young air crash victim from 9/11-Truth!
CNN faked a video of Palestinians rejoicing over the 9/11 attacks-Fiction!
The 9/11 widow who visited Iraq-Truth!
Click on a website to donate cans of Campbell's soup to the hungry-Truth!
Middle Easterners celebrate the attack on America in a convenience store-Fiction!
President Bush's hospital salute to a soldier injured in the terrorist crash into the pentagon-Truth!
Foreign carmakers have avoided donations to 9/11 Victims-Fiction!
Baker Company photo trribute to 9-11-Truth!
The 9/11 flight attendant who found God before her fatal flight-Unproven!
President Bush comforts a teen who lost her mother in the World Trade Center-Truth!
On the First Anniversary of 9/11, drive with headlights shining-Grass Roots Effort!
Tie a navy blue ribbon around your mailbox pole to honor postal workers-Grass roots effort!
Ameritech criticized for "opt-out" policy-Truth!
Anne Graham Lotz on morning television regarding Sep 11-Truth!
Anthrax Information Page
Anthrax-deaths associated with a particular kind of envelope-Fiction!



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