This is a forwarded email that said Congress passed a bill called "The American With No Abilities Act." Under this new bill, more than 25 million new mid-level positions will be created, all having very important sounding titles with little responsibility, which will provide the new workers with a sense of purpose and performance.

HR-347 has been passed by the Legislative Branch and signed into law by President Obama. There are growing concerns that this new law makes the act of protesting in the presence of the President a felony and that it grants the Secret Service the power to arrest and detain protesters.

The story says that blacks will be losing their right to vote in 2007. The reason is that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was not a law, it was just an act, but never passed into law. In 1982, according to the story, Ronald Reagan amended the Voting Rights Act for another 25 years...until 2007. At that time, congress will revisit the whole issue and in addition to congressional approval, there needs to be the approval of 38 states for the law to be extended.

This email goes through a list of some of the signers of the Declaration of Independence that led to the formation of the United States more than 200 years ago. It says that the signers lived lives of hardship, personal loss, and poverty, and that five of them were captured by the British, tortured, and died. The entire email is duplicated at the bottom of this page.

This is a forwarded email with photo that says the American flag was desecrated by protesters at an immigration rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

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An eRumor that warns readers that Senator Obama sponsored a Global Poverty Tax Bill, SB2433, where not only 850 Billion dollar from American Taxpayers will be sent to the poor in other countries but there is a provision from the United Nations that would ban small and light weapons in all nations, thus violating the American Second Amendment rights.

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