Denny’s Waitress Assaulted by Muslim Men for Serving Bacon-Fiction! Summary of eRumor:A report that two Muslim men assaulted a Denny’s waitress because she served pork...

Rumors that Hillary Clinton stopped investigations into Omar Mateen that could have prevented a deadly attack at Orlando nightclub Pulse have gone viral.

In response to the terrorist shooting that left 50 dead in Orlando, Chic-fil-A made an exception to its long standing policy to close on Sundays to serve people waiting in line to donate blood.

Rumors that there were multiple shooters at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando have gone viral on Facebook.

The FBI didn't spill water on the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone.

There are rumors that CNN host Fareed Zakaria called for jihad and the rape of white women.

It's been reported that more than 100 pre-paid cell phones were purchased at Walmart stores in Missouri, and dozens of propane tanks were stolen from stores in the same area, sparking fears of terrorist activity.

It's been reported that three mosques in France were raided and shutdown after they were linked to extremism.

It's been reported that an environmental scientist named Shannon Johnson was "the true hero" of the San Bernardino terrorist attack in December 2015.

It's been reported that Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from entering the U.S. in the '80s, a policy that's supposedly not so different than Donald Trump's proposal to ban Muslims.