Accused Washington State mass shooter Arcan Cetin didn't illegally vote three times, he's a naturalized U.S. citizen and had legal rights to vote.

President Obama has asked Americans not to hold tributes for victims of 9/11 to avoid offending Muslim protestors.

Tim Kaine has longstanding ties to radical Islam, according to reports.

The Muslim community donated $87,000 to the family of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen.

Akbar the Skateboarder video shows a would-be suicide bomber blow up after nose diving from a hoverboard.

All 4th of July fireworks displays have been canceled due to terrorism fears.

Marco Rubio said that the Orlando nightclub massacre was God's way of telling him to seek re-election to his Senate seat.

Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando terrorist attacker Omar Mateen, allegedly met with President Obama or other top officials at the White House.

It's been reported that President Obama appointed Laila Alawa, a Syrian immigrant, to a Department of Homeland Security post after the Orlando terrorist attack.

Claims that the math doesn't add up with the shooting that left 50 people dead at Pulse nightclub in Orlando have gone viral on social media.