Monopoly Used To Assist WWII POW Escapes-Truth!

The British Secret Service, MI-5, developed a plan to send a specially packed version of the popular board game “Monopoly” by means of the International Red Cross to prisoners of war in Germany during World War II. The game was loaded with secret devices to aid in their escape including a silk map noting safe houses for food and shelter, a compass, a file and real German, Italian, and French currency within the play money.

Anonymous Report From a Presidential Town Hall Meeting in Montana – Truth! and Unproven!

A anonymous account of President Obama’s town hall meeting in Belgrade, Montana, a small town near Bozeman. The email criticizes many aspects of the meeting including the location, ticket distribution, pre-selection of attendees and the handling of the questions from the press. It also says that thousands of dollars of lobsters were shipped into feed those in attendance and fights broke out between union members and protesters.